COVID-19. “Vaxxy”, the vaccinated selfie that invades social networks


Recorded in 2015 in the French-language Petit Robert, the word “selfie” may soon have a younger brother. Because for several months, “vaxxies”, vaccine contractions and selfies, flooded social networks.

The incident originated in the United States, where President Joe Biden And Vice President Kamala Harris was photographed in full injection in December 2020. Since then, caregivers, celebrities and strangers have embraced the idea and don’t hesitate to post on Instagram or Twitter.

Selfie signs in vaccination centers

The hashtag #GotMyShot is widely distributed, particularly in Great Britain where more than half the population has received at least one dose of the vaccine. In Singapore, the government also took this hashtag into its own hands. in a twitter post With a clip promoting vaccination. In some US vaccination centers, signs are also put up so that patients can take pictures of themselves in front of them after the injection.

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That’s why “vaxaxia” has multiple meanings. It can be seen as a mark of pride in those previously chosen, as a symbol of the first step towards a return to the first life. But this gesture can also be interpreted as a political position, as opposed to an anti-tax movement, which also exists on social networks.

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In France, where vaccination will be expanded to all adults without restrictions from June 15, nearly 16 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine. According to a study unveiled on 26 April by Public Health France, only 36 percent of people under the age of 24 seek vaccination. It’s barely higher for adults under 35, with 39% ready to be vaccinated.

So, can “Vaxxia” convince even the most reluctant?


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