Cows found standing after pleading for help

Cows found standing after pleading for help

The owner of the Badard Chenevelles estate parked his cows this Friday evening, May 21, after calling for help on the social network, a call we relayed to his site in the afternoon.

>>> Update 20 hours:

Nathou Dupont-Manourie announced that his cows survived for several days and were finally brought back The domain of Badard Chenevelles, hours after his call for help on Facebook that we relayed (read below) in our column in the middle of the afternoon.

“Obviously, Scottish cows (Highland cattle) have gained considerable fame. After a relay call on the NR/CP website, we were able to locate him because of a crowd of about fifty people. Readers visited the article to tell us that they had noticed and then guided us. The cows were actually roaming around the estate and we brought them home. I thank everyone for the mobilization. this is A real mobilizer with a real campaign spirit.


Badard Chenevelles. domain of (Vienne), a former 27 hectares converted into a charming cottage, launched on Facebook a call for help “To find and bring back a dozen of our cows, which have been herded for days”, to “Chenevalles and their neighbors of Arcigny”.

“Those weapons are in commando mode!”

Little owner, Nathou DuPont-Manourie, make an appointment tomorrow, Saturday, May 22, at 3 pm, on site. “Those weapons are in commando mode!”

On social networks, she explains: “We are powerless because the numbers are high. Every day, we beat the countryside and try in vain to take them back to our fields. The cows were last evening (Thursday) between Venguil, La Talbardier and D3. After one frantic race, another, we are once again empty income.

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a drone as a backup

The owner of the place asks: “Do you have a drone to help locate them? Would that save a lot of miles for searches? It will take 15 to 20 people, Boots’ team teams, to deploy them and lead them to the lagoon at Badard’s end. Would you be willing to give us a hand?”

Notice to amateurs…

Who wants to help Nathou DuPont-Manourie find the cows?

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