Curling: CC Geneva won r bronze in World Cup

Curling: CC Geneva won r bronze in World Cup

CC Geneva was adorned with bronze at the World Championships in Calgary. They beat Sweden 11–3 in the semi-finals, which began two hours after the end of their quarter-finals, beating Peter D’Cruz and his teammate Russia 3–5 to take third place.

The 2021 Swiss champions made the difference in the 10th and final end against the formation of skip Sergei Glukhov, when the score was 5-5. Apparently under pressure, Swiss No. 4 Beno श्वt Schwarz fully negotiated his final stone to offer his team the point of victory.

The medal is the 8th win since 2014 by CC Geneva in 9 appearances in a major championship (Olympic Games, World and Euro). Team D’Cruz is on the podium while participating in the World Championship 4 times, each time winning bronze (2014, 2017, 2019 and hence 2021).

But this bronze has a bitter taste. CC Geneva, which was supposed to advance to the finals in Alberta to ensure its participation in the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games, will face Bern Zahringen once again in the qualifying play-offs at the Games this fall. This World Cup scenario did not facilitate his designs

Holy sweden

Valentin Tanner, Peter D’Cruz, Sven Michel and Benoit Schwarz did not meet the semi-finals requirement with their freshman, defeating Sweden in the round robin. Svedes, who did not have to play in the quarter-finals, forced the decision with a successful five in the fifth over.

Skip Nickels Edin’s side also dominated the proceedings in the final, making it 10-5 in front of Scotland’s Bruce Mout again to make the difference in a shock five – this time at the 9th end. This is the third consecutive world title of Nickels Edin (35).

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