Dance of the Night – Markiser Botte

dance night

November 19, 2021 | by CGA Verlag | Category: Culture & Service |

A breathtaking show with a journey through the diversity of dance history.

dance night

The show can be seen on February 10, 22 in Hoyersvarda. One highlight here follows another – secure your tickets now.
F.: ASA – Event

Area (MB). The show is inspired not only by Irish dance, but by a mix of modern dance, hip hop, acrobatics and Latin American hip swing. The mix of individual dance styles makes the experience special and varied. Acrobatic elements are presented not only on the floor, but also at dizzying heights.
A top-class international outfit proves its brilliance in every way. Mastery skills and incredible physical stamina are offered. A changing stage design and perfectly coordinated effects support and perfect the individual elements down to the smallest detail. Music and spectacular performances by the artists create an unforgettable evening in which the audience is encouraged to dance along. Tickets are available at all known advance booking offices, online at and from the ASA ticket hotline.

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