“Darts Live – European Championship”: a replay of the broadcast online and on TV

“Darts Live – European Championship” was shown on TV on Sunday (October 17, 2021). When and where you can watch Darts airing with “Semi-Finals and Finals, 2021 in Salzburg / AUT”, whether on television only or digitally in the media library, read here on news.de.

Darts Live – European Championship for SPORT1
Image: SPORT1, Transmitted by FUNKE Program Guide

“Darts Live – European Championship” can be seen on TV on Sunday (October 17, 2021) at 8:00 pm. when you receive the shipment game1 With “Semifinals and Finals, 2021” in Salzburg / Auto: Take a look at the Sport1 media library. Here you will find countless television programs to stream online such as Video on Demand once it is broadcast. You can usually find the program online after it has aired on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there will be no repeats on Linear TV in Sport1 in the near future.

“Darts Live – European Championship” on TV: it’s about the “Semifinals and Finals, 2021 in Salzburg / AUT”

Last year, Englishman James Wade had defeated South Africa’s Devon Pietersen by just 11:10 in the semi-finals. Scotland’s Peter Wright won against Welsh Johnny Clayton 11:8. In the final, “Snakebite” Wright clearly gained the upper hand against “The Machine” Wade 11:4 and secured the European title for the first time. (Source: Sport1, Transmitted by FUNKE Program Guide)

“Darts Live – European Championship” on TV: all the information at a glance

Subject: Semifinals and Finals, 2021 in Salzburg / Auto

Feather: game1

Together: Robert Marijanovic

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Year of Production: 2021

Tall: 240 minutes

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