Death at only 34 years old: music producer Sophie Zion had an accident

Death at only 34 years old: music producer Sophie Zion had an accident

Died only at the age of 34
Music producer Sophie Axon has an accident

She was considered “the pioneer of a new voice”: Scottish music producer Sophie Zion collapsed during a climbing excursion and died at the age of only 34. The artist had a lasting influence on electro-pop in recent times.

Scottish music producer Sophie Axon died in a climbing accident. The record label Transjective made the announcement on its website. “She stepped up to see the full moon, true to her spirituality, and accidentally slipped and fell,” it said. According to the Guardian, the accident occurred in the early hours of the morning in Athens, where the 34-year-old artist lived.

Sophie’s management praised him as “the pioneer of a new sound” and “one of the most influential artists of the past decade”, according to Guardian. Not only was she known for “superb productions and creativity”, but was also a “symbol of liberation”. Sophie had a great influence on the message and visibility of trans people.

The music producer, mostly known simply as Sophie, stood out for her intense electro-pop creations. He was nominated for a Grammy Award for his album “All of Every Pearl’s Un-Insights”, which was released in 2018. She also worked with world stars such as Madonna.

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