Depiction of the daring Stephen Gluckose: “He was crazy”

Depiction of the daring Stephen Gluckose:

DSo he stood in front of the German national football team assembled at the Team Hotel in Hamburg in October 2005. At the invitation of Oliver Birhoff, the director of the national team, Stephen Glococz, was to tell him about the experiences of his campaigns, the challenges and lessons learned from him, preparing the team for what would later be remembered as the “Summer Fairy Tale” As part: 2006 World Cup in Germany.

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“I was really excited, when I was invited, I was really scared,” says Glocz. “I’m also a football fan, I thought it’s great to know Schweinsteiger, Lehman or Kahn, but I also thought: Wow, what should I tell them, they are complete professionals, with their own structure?” Told them: Consider a World Cup tournament like a campaign with preparation, goal setting and individual stages. Realizes the importance of relaxation amidst stress. And believes in the power of personal rites. “Once I find a left shoe in the tent, I immediately look to the right, so that I can put it first,” says Glowes. “I have such superstition. Otherwise the day will be wrong. “

2009 in Venezuela: Stefan Glaucose climbs 2723 meters high Borima's rock face with Holger Huber.

2009 in Venezuela: Stefan Glaucose climbs 2723 meters high Borima’s rock face with Holger Huber.

Picture: Klaus Fangler

“He’ll never say: it’s too steep for me, too cold”

Glowes struck the right note. After the lecture, goalkeeper Oliver Kahn asked him if they could have lunch together the next day, yet he had some questions and would like to talk to them. “I thought before I had a lot of polynomials that are complete, have everything and can afford everything,” says Glocz. “But in the end they are just athletes who are ambitious, who want to win.” Kahan later said in a “sport-billed” interview that extreme people always fascinated him. And one thing in particular can be learned from someone like Glowackz: “Glowackz would never say on a mountain: it’s too steep for me, too high, too cold, too smooth, too windy. People like him don’t do that at all. Could do. Because he always wants to move forward. Always wants to see what it takes to grow more as a person. “

Stephen Glokose is one of the most prominent and distinguished climbers and adventurers. She began climbing as a teenager, and when she was 20, unlimited enthusiasm turned into a career. It was in 1985, in front of thousands of spectators, the first major climbing competition in Bardonecía (Italy). When a friend persuaded him to take part, Glowac said, yes, drove the VW bus to Northern Italy, and surprised everyone involved, especially Glowack himself.

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