Did armed genders disrupt cinema sessions to check health passes? – Freedom

 Did armed genders disrupt cinema sessions to check health passes?  - Freedom
The Chateaubriant gendarmerie intervened twice at Emeraude Cinema, after staff refused to present health passes or check in on customers. The establishment, which was closed for a few days, will have to reopen this Wednesday.
Question asked by Jean-Michel on December 26, 2021,


You contacted us following the media coverage of the closure of the Chateaubriante cinema in the Loire-Atlantique. On 23 December, the co-managers of Emeraude Cinema posted an information note at the entrance of the place, to declare that they had “Faced with two successive gendarmerie probes that asked to stop the guesswork and turn the lights on again”, He indicated that he had decided to close the doors of his establishment. “avoid trouble caused by another control”, who will come “harmful” [l’] part of the cinematic experience and trauma [leurs] the audience”. and this, “Until an acceptable condition is restored”.

Our colleagues in the regional press covered this topic, and many photos published on social networks helped to broadcast the local phenomenon to antivax areas. “Anti-pass” lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio published a video that went viral where he told the story… however, confusing Bergerac in the Dordogne, and Chateaubriant, which is between Rennes and Nantes, as that the story goes on Southwest, After this he shared on Twitter movie poster Page. The next day, the establishment’s co-managers published a second version of their press release on their website and their Facebook page, stating: “In less than ten days, the public and cinema staff conducted two interventions of the gendarmerie brigade of Chateaubriante. The heavily armed lings blocked the projections for control of the sanitary pass and forced the lighting of the lights in the middle of the session. And this despite the presence of a young audience.

Individuals without passes or masks

contacted by Czech Newsthe company commander of the Chateaubriant gendarmerie explains that he made the first investigation on 12 December, “After testimony reporting irregularities in health instructions, which we were able to see upon arrival”. He specifies: “The staff was not wearing masks and many people checked into the cinema were not in good condition, were asked to leave the premises. Emeraude’s managers have been fined for the breaches observed and warned that administrative information will be sent to the prefecture. He was also warned that a second investigation would be conducted in the coming weeks.

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Laurent Lagri, the place’s co-manager with Tony Brijard, had already stood out at the end of July for his positions against the health pass, when he confirmed Refusing to control your customers In scout, local newspaper. Several messages against the wave of support in the comments under the Facebook post of the December 24th press release “Lack of Seriousness” Cinema related to health measures before gender intervention. contacted by checknews, Three residents of the communion of Chateaubriante, who attended sessions in November and December, claim that they did not have to offer sesame seeds. “Exclusively for the special season of the 1000th episode of November 21 one piece, no control when the room was full”, Gabriel emphasizes (1). A situation that changed after the first investigation.

The second check took place on 22 December and the authorities were allowed to note that this time, the customers’ health passes were checked and valid, and the team was wearing a mask. “However, both employees and managers declined to present a pass, with the boss reportedly arguing that vaccination status would be under medical secrecy.” Then, the cinema decided to close and new administrative information was sent to the prefecture.

during the advertisement

Most of the reactions on social networks are outraged that the control took place. “In the middle of a session, armed and in front of children”, Using the terms of the press release. In this regard, representatives of the gendarmerie refute the statements of the persons in charge of the place: “We interfered at the start of the session during commercials. In fact we asked the lights to be turned on again, but we didn’t interrupt the projection, we don’t come to disturb people in the middle of their film.”

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Czech News Was able to find two eyewitnesses to the second check conducted on 22 December. “When we arrive, the manager checks our health pass and we sit in the room, Wednesday afternoon this room is full of kids because the movie is Disney. The commercials are running and ending, from the start of the movie. Just before the light comes back on, the room is dark. [Peloton de surveillance et d’intervention de la Gendarmerie, ndlr] Come in and say “sanitary pass check and identity document”. He reprimanded a woman who was taking his picture, this was impressive because from memory there were six lingas, necessarily armed but exclusively in intervening attire. It was unfair in front of so many kids. Says a customer.

A testimony of Mary confirming in every way: “I went to see the room with my kids Attraction, We were checked by a member of the cinema before entering the lobby to reach the box office. We sat in the room then after a few minutes the advertisement was interrupted and the light turned on again. They weren’t masked, nor very pleasant. When the room for Disney was full of kids, my youngest son was terrified. Then they left and the session could resume. I don’t know if everyone was in good shape or not, but I was surprised by the way they did it.

Regarding their outfit, the gendarmerie captain argues that it is always the same regardless of the place of control: “We weren’t armed more than usual, we didn’t go to control a cinema with shotguns, there was no reason to think we were going to come across serious criminals… Maybe some put up their teasers were, and we were all our staffing weapons [un pistolet, ndlr], Our common intervention tool is included”.

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reopen in rules

Loire-Atlantic Prefecture confirms Czech News Elements put forward by the gendarmerie: “Facts constituting violations of Articles 2-3, 40 and 47-1 of Decree No. 2021-699 of June 1, 2021, setting out the general measures required to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic within the framework of the State The health emergency, in fact, was noted during two investigations conducted on December 12 and 22. He led the sanctions.”, She also tells us that the co-managers of the Emraud cinema in Châteaubriant were received on 28 December by the Deputy Prefect of Châteaubriant-Ensenis, who gave her a letter of formal notice. “Failure to comply with these obligations” [mentionnées ci-dessus] An administrative shutdown may not have happened because the interested parties decided to close their establishment on their own. The case is still under investigation.”

At the end of this meeting, the co-managers decided reopening their cinema, Near Czech Newsthe cinema’s co-manager Laurent Lagri confirms all information given by the prefecture, but declined to comment on the events of the weekend. “For me it’s in the past, he pleads, We are preparing to open tomorrow”That is, December 29. He assured that in case of new control, the employees will be able to present valid health pass this time.


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