Director Lynn Ramsay Loves the Little Girl Who Loves Tom Gordon


George’s widow Christine Romero, apparently by co-creating the adaptation, agrees without problem to pass the torch to Lynn Ramsay. Ramsay exclusively directed we need to talk About Kevin (2011) more A beautiful day ()You never really hear, 2017).

Lynn Ramsay starring Stephen King for the screen, starring Christie HallI’m not okay with this) Assist in writing the script.

Editor’s summary for The Little Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon :

The world has teeth, and when the urge takes it to bite, it does not deprive itself of them. Trisha McFarland was nine when she was discovered. As she gets lost while taking a walk on the Appalachian Trail, Trisha finds herself at the mercy of the forest, trapped in a green and swampy maze. As the hours pass, the little girl encounters a growing fear, trying to keep her to herself: what if we never find her?

In production, we also explore Village Roadshow Pictures for Village Story, but also Roy Lee, Ryan Silbert of Origin Story, or John Berg, Stampede Ventures.

In between the next adaptations of Stephen King, let’s tell in a news special, Beka Paulson Revelations, And several texts from recent collections If it bleeds

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