Divertimento, Zahia Zioni’s Orchestra, Will Be the Subject of a Film at Marie-Castille Mansion-Schar

Divertimento, Zahia Zioni's Orchestra, Will Be the Subject of a Film at Marie-Castille Mansion-Schar

for his next feature film Pleasure, which will be shot next summer, Marie-Castille Mansion-Shar is looking for young musicians for critical and secondary roles, but also children with no musical experience, for various minor roles.

Young musicians aged 16 to 19 but also violators between the ages of 11 and 13

For the shooting of the film, the plot of which would revolve around music and the creation of a classical orchestra, the Marie-Castille Mansion-Shar film was produced in search of young musicians, boys and girls of classical training, girls of all origins. Is. Between the ages of 16 and 19, but also young people between the ages of 11 and 13 who know how to play the viola will have to explain the important and secondary roles.

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Four other roles, for children aged 4 to 11, but without musical experience, are also to be filled for the film, which will be filmed in the le-de-France region between mid-June and August. Interested parents must send an application to the email address [email protected].

The film will tell how conductor Zahia Zioni created the Divertimento Orchestra

The film will chronicle the period during which Kabyle-born Zahia Zioni conceived the creation of the Divertimento Orchestra. When she was in her final year at a high school in Seine-Saint-Denis in 1995/1996, the young girl realized her dream of becoming a conductor and her ambition to make symphonic music accessible to all and all fields. should be completed. Through the creation of an orchestra that is unique in its diversity and composition. Her twin sister Fatouma, helped by the cellist, and when she would go on to conduct her first concert, Zahia Zioni, formed the Divertimento Symphony Orchestra in 1998.

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The film’s director (theatrical release scheduled for 2022), Marie-Castille Mansion-Schar, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Clara Borreau, became particularly known through her first films. the heir (2014) more the sky will wait (2015), which has won several international awards, as well as her latest feature film, good man, Which was part of the official selection of Cannes Film Festival 2020. Director, screenwriter and producer, he also founded and directed the Cercle Féminin du Cinéma Français, which brings together 35 film professionals.

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