Django Django, the fictional Scottish pop adventurer

Django Django, aventuriers pop d’une Écosse rêveuse

Hello space? Here in Edinburgh, Scotland, we have a strange but cult-like little band that may interest you. Four music lovers are watered by the sounds of the 90s, who just want to leave their earth and free themselves from all seriousness. His name: Django Django. His passion: disco pop keyboards, tribal percussion and retro-futuristic science fiction. Do you find that strange? Us too. Even the main stakeholders are of this opinion.

In 2012 – the date of their union – none of them expected to hear beyond the UK. The success of his self-titled album surprised everyone. But we have to believe that optimism, a good dose of psychedelia and a very rich music culture explode the boundaries. “The group was born in a room”Laughing David McLean, drummer, singer and producer of the group, hidden under a raging red hair. “Maybe we wanted to get out there with Winnie (Vincent Neff, guitar, vocals). But there was a problem: we had no idea how we could live our music. In our first track, I hit a book with chopsticks. How do you play in concert? (Laughs) Our debut was therefore disastrous, we committed the most massacre on television and in our first appearances on the stages of major festivals. “

After the success of the hits “Whore”, “Hell Bop”, “Default”, and a nomination for the prestigious British Mercury Award, the pair are lost. Too many voices, not enough choices, and too many players in a duet who have become a quartet. Born under saturn (2015) after that Marble sky (201)) out of steam, and now Shining in the dark (Really) glowing in the dark “, Caroline Music, released on 02/12) well revives the machine, returning to its original. “We are not so much influenced by sound as we are by the freedom of the 90s”, Urge Dave McLean. Album release like ” Screamdaleica (1991) Primal Scream has broken the barriers between rock, pop, dance and house music. Before that, we have to choose between Velvet Underground and our love for Public Enemy. “

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This is the biggest achievement of this fourth album, moving from brilliantly danced and infectious pop (“Right the Rights”) to soft folk (“The World Will Turn”) and home (“Hold Fast”). “Young, I’ve eaten both the songs on the Neil Young album and Craftwork”, Continues the Scotsman, a verb like never before when he returns to the music he loves. “But above all, I was passionate about future albums from the ’60s. All modern music was inspired by them, from where comes disco, house music was born from musicians who were totally inappropriate for synthesizers.” Used to be what they were designed to be. That’s how we try to work. “ Each listening effectively reveals new things, the subtle seems barely listenable at first glance, bringing complete real prosperity.

Ask Dave if his free spirit doesn’t suffer too much from imprisonment, like getting answers “No, it’s fine, spring is here soon”, In the midst of a European snowstorm. It just goes to show that a shelf full of vinyl is as effective as a dozen plane tickets. “Yes, the advantage of having accumulated vinyl records is that as soon as I want to sample something, I just go and look in my living room.”

What is the concert today? Do you have to buy a ticket to come to see a beautiful album band Slaughter? “It took us a while, but now it’s cool. Even though our shows are better in a warehouse at 2pm than the main stage of a festival at 2pm. After that we’re financially limited. If we had the means . We will appoint a lot of musicians, we will multiply confrontations, and we will make a series of concerts with a party. But it is very expensive. I know that our groups are more popular than those who come close to bankruptcy. Have gone, just because they wanted to shoot. With the ‘biggest LCD screen in Europe”. (Laughs) All that’s left to do is make it live, but by then a new Django record Django will probably be ready, Dave tells us.

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