Do you need a permit for this?

Do you need a permit for this?

Anyone who sets up a paddling pool in a garden and fills it with water certainly doesn’t need a permit from an authority—such as a trampoline or porch swing. Whether a building permit is required for a “real” swimming pool depends primarily on the size of the pool.

Do you need a building permit for a swimming pool?

Basic rules can be found in the building regulations of 16 federal states. In most circumstances: No building permit is required for swimming pools up to 100 cubic meters. For example, it would be a pool eleven meters long and six meters wide with a depth of 1.50 meters. However, this generally only applies to properties within municipalities – and can vary from place to place as each municipality may issue its own ordinances on this. Basically, pools eight meters long and 1.50 meters deep are generally not allowed.

needed Building permit will be available for most swimming pools larger than 100 cubic meters should be if inside the house manufactured or Covered Will.

Even if a building permit is not required, the start and end of construction work should be reported to the local authority. It is also advisable to communicate with the local authority before starting construction to find out what requirements exist for pool construction and what individual regulations exist in the community. There may be some regional differences here.

No Building Permit Required: What Should You Keep In Mind When Building a Pool?

If, due to the size of the pool, a building permit is not required for a swimming pool, there are still some requirements for construction. For example, rules should be followed regarding distance from nearest buildings and properties. These so-called border distances vary depending on the federal state.

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In North Rhine-Westphalia, the minimum distance from neighboring property should be approximately 50 cm. In Lower Saxony, the boundary distance only applies to standing structures – that is, not to swimming pools that are submerged in the ground. For above-ground pools, however, some countries require a distance of two to three meters to neighboring property. Even if you do not need a building permit, you must comply with the relevant local development plan clauses, which may include special regulations on this.

Pool in the Garden: Who Gives a Building Permit?

The local building authority is responsible. You should contact the office before the start of construction work on your own pool, so as not to experience any unpleasant surprises later. Even though no building permit is required, prompt exchange with the authorities is recommended.

Large swimming pool: what size is allowed?

In principle, there is no limit to the maximum size of the pool. In theory, the pool can exceed 100 cubic meters in size, provided boundary distances are followed and the construction project is compatible with the local development plan. However, a building permit is required from the building authority.

Disruption of the Peace: How Loud Can Kids Be in the Pool?

If you have a pool in the garden, you don’t have to ask your kids to walk around in the calm water like a mouse. Similar to a soccer goal in the garden or a loud and emotional card game, splashing water around is meant to produce an acceptable level of noise. but he is not necessarily disturb the peace. As long as the rest time for the tenants is observed and the play in the water is not disproportionate and excessively loud, the people of the neighboring properties should bear this amount.

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How much water do you need in a swimming pool?

One cubic meter is equal to 1000 liters of water. for one 100 cubic meter pool for example would be 100,000 liters of water the wanted. This corresponds to more than double the water consumption per year of the average person in Germany. Also the question arises as to how to dispose of the pond water.


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