Dr. in The Simpsons Hibbert will change.

 Dr. in The Simpsons  Hibbert will change.

This is not the first time the Simpsons have made changes with the main character. Dr. Why did Hibbert change his voice?

The Simpsons animated series is the oldest series on the small screen. And although it has seen many changes in its themes and characters, the series remains relevant on television. It was recently announced that there would be 33rd and 34th seasons, but before the arrival of these new episodes, one of its characters would change. Dr. to avoid racial issues. Hibbert will have a new voice.

Dr. Hibbert’s character is the Springfield doctor who laughs at the most embarrassing moments and it was Harry Shearer who lent his voice to the character. But a recent controversy resulted in a change in the character of The Simpsons, as it was reported that a white actor could not lend his voice to an African-American character, which had an impact on the directors who made the decision.

Change of voice

This news about the transformation of the animated series was recently released. With this decision starting in season 32, Drs. Hibbert’s character will have a new voice in The Simpsons and will now be played by Kevin Michael Richardson, who is noted for his voice on major animated series such as American. , Cleveland Show and Family Boys.

Interestingly, this change sparked a dubbing controversy, as many fans of the series commented that this did not happen to other types of characters such as Luigi, Bumblebee Man, or janitor Willie. Those not played by Italians, Mexicans or Scots. Not to mention the issues that forced Apu to be removed from the show for being seen as a racist stereotype of the Hindu community. Years pass and the Simpsons begin to keep pace with the changes in society.

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