Editor’s Playlist #161

Editor's Playlist #161

An Oasis cover band performs a concert Friday night at a deserted pub in Yorkshire, England. They didn’t come out until after three days.

A group of Oasis takeovers, as well as customers and employees of Yorkshire, England pubs, were stranded in the area after heavy snowfall.

According to new York Timespub doors, Tan Hill Inn, were largely blocked by a one meter high snowpack, while the roads are difficult to navigate. To complicate matters, the Tan Hill Inn occupies a fairly secluded spot on top of the Pennine Moors in the Yorkshire Dales National Park (incidentally, it has the distinction of being Britain’s highest pub, located at 528 meters above sea level). Is).

At least 61 people who suffered inclement weather were stranded at the Tan Hill Inn to watch Oasis’ cover band Noasis. All-terrain vehicle drivers were able to help some parents locate their children, while a mountain rescue group helped a man who needed medical treatment” lasting affection “.And when a snow plow allowed some people to escape, pub manager Nicola Townsend announced that a power line had collapsed and blocked the road to the pub.

Noasis (who adopted a new surname, ” snoesis“) took stock of the situation on Facebook on Monday morning:” The roads are still very snowy and the main road is still closed, it has not yet been cleared of snow as vehicles have to pass through collapsed power lines. According to him, there is no question of leaving here before the end of the afternoon or the whole day! ,

The Tan Hill Inn has a few bedrooms and an outdoor area for RVs and caravans, but most of those stranded sleep on sofas and mattresses in the pub lounge. To pass the time, fifty or so people occupied themselves with quizzes in pubs, puzzles, movies (like grease And oh mama!), and even a little karaoke (a lot of oasis, obviously). Townsend also made sure the food was in no danger of running out as the pub is stocking up for the winter (a group is already stuck in Tan Hill on New Year’s Day).

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, Last night they did karaoke, Mike Kenney, co-owner of the pub, told the Yorkshire Post. Noasis did some acoustic numbers. They are great people. ,

Luckily, it seems no one got fed up with it.” Wonderwall (There is no official count of how many times the song has been sung or played in the past three days, but we can assume it was more than once). In fact, Townsend explained that the stranded people not only take care of each other, but help keep the pub tidy and start a small fundraiser for the staff. There is even talk of meeting again next year.

Most of the people trapped in the pub finally managed to get out of the premises on Monday evening. Nicola Townsend told new York Times that there were only two guests left and that they would only stay for one more night, while the roads became more walkable. Despite this surreal ordeal, Townsend said the farewell was poignant: ” We had such a great time meeting new friends, getting to know new people. ,

Feather Facebook, Noasis officially announced to be ” left the building , “. He added: ” Thank you all for your messages of support, for the camaraderie in the room. Thanks to the place’s manager Mike, Nicola and their wonderful team for taking care of all of us and thanks to Kendall Mountain Rescue for all their assistance. Thank you very much even if we forgot someone! ,

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