Ellen uttered her immortal words to Dakota Johnson a year ago

Ellen uttered her immortal words to Dakota Johnson a year ago

It’s been almost a year since today Dakota Johnson He uttered the immortal words “Indeed, no, that is not true, Ellen“And nothing has changed since then. I mean, really think about it – the world has changed a lot since November 27, 2019, and this video was really the catalyst for… well, at least some of them.

Since last November, Ellen has been out on her long-running show to complain to staff about the abusive and toxic work environment, and various waitresses and boggards have come out to talk about their hell experiences. Show the host, and this is all from where it started.

Until then, her image was pale clean, but that terrible day, she had discovered together with Dakota Johnson. When he accused the actress of not inviting him to his most recent 30th birthday party, Dakota returned without caring, and in the process, revealed that his favorite comedian was not Ellen, but Tig notaro.

Adding Another wild level for all this, It later emerged that the real reason D D Lane left the Dakota party was that he was playing a Dallas Cowboys game with his wife. Portia de Rossi And the former president George W. Bush.

“People were upset,” the hosts later said of the controversy. “They thought, ‘Why is a Hollywood liberal sitting next to a conservative Republican president?’

Dakota Johnson celebrated her 31st birthday in October, although it is not clear if Len Lane attended.

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