Emily Ratajkowski accused the photographer of sexual assault in 2012

Emily Ratajkowski accused the photographer of sexual assault in 2012

Emily Ratajkowski Photographer Jonathan Ladder is accused of sexually abusing her during a 2012 photo shoot at her home in the Catskills area of ​​New York.

The claim has been made in the essay by the model and social media influencer New York Magazine, Where he alleged that Ladder forced her to show off for the shoot and offered her red wine when she was 20 and an up-and-coming model.

Ratajkowski, now 29, said she needed to stay overnight for an unpaid photo shoot for Darius magazine and when she learned she would have to model for lingerie during the session.

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Emily Ratajkowski attends the new Museum 2019 Spring Gala on April 3, 2019 in Wall Street, Cipria, New York City.
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“I was taught that gaining a reputation for being diligent and easy was important,” he opened the letter. “‘You never know who they’ll be shooting with now!’ My agent will remind me. “

Ratajkowski claimed that the leader had suggested “try to be naked now” before the session proceedings.

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“The second time I took off my clothes, part of which fell off,” he wrote. “I climbed back on the bed and started swimming outside. I bowed my back and pushed my lips forward, keeping in mind the idea of ​​how I would look through the lens of his camera. His flash was so bright and I had so much wine that huge black spots were expanding and floating in front of my eyes. “

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Fox News was unable to contact Darius Magazine.

The London-born actress said there was also a makeup artist at the residence who was present for the photoshoot. She said she left Ratajkowski and Ladder alone when the artist called her one night and went to bed because they stay warm under a blanket.

It was only later that she said she felt “very drunk” despite being very awake, and Ladder began inquiring about her boyfriend.

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“She told me she liked the‘ that leg thing you’re doing ’, and I remember this moment more vividly than anything else,” she recalled as she clung to her feet in an effort to stay warm. “I hate that Jonathan commented on something that I’ve spent my whole life trying to comfort.”

He continued: “Most of what came next was ambiguity other than emotion. I don’t remember kissing, but I do remember that his fingers suddenly came into me, “claims Ratajkowski. “Hard and tough and like pressure and pressure no one has ever touched me before or since. I can feel the shape of myself and my edges, and it really, really hurts. I instinctively brought my hand to his wrist and forcibly pulled his fingers out of me. I didn’t say a word. He suddenly stood up and spoke quietly in the darkness on the stairs. “

In the long account, Ratajkowski writes that she fell asleep and left for a train home the next morning.

The images taken by Ratajkowski that night were later published in a book, which Ratajkowski alleged that Ladder and his publisher, Imperial Publishing – which represents Ladder – had no right to use them. Ratajkowski’s lawyer sent anti-war and letters to the Imperial and an art gallery planning to hold an exhibition of his images.

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In a statement to Fox News on Tuesday, a spokesman for Imperial Publishing called the move a “scary tactic of bullying,” and Ladder said, “Absolutely. [Ratajkowski’s] The insulting allegations of being ‘attacked’ and the model’s statements to New York magazine were “false.”

“While we understand that Ms. Ratajkowski no longer feels that the images represent the way she likes, and that it is probably detrimental to her career as an actress and celebrity, her recent allegations are based on fiction and not in fact, and The facts should matter, “the statement read, along with a letter sent to Ratajovsky’s attorney in 2016 by Royal Publishing.

The statement also said, “It is absurd and tragic that the newspapers are so aware of such exposure for posting such photos,” adding that the publication has “every legal right” to publish the newspaper’s glow.

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“Mr. Ladder and I have been discussing the length of this shoot for many years and we believe in the work and know that it is very popular among Emily’s fans. It is unfortunate that Ms. Ratajkowski has been at odds with her since she began her career as an actress. Is.

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The publisher’s representative further argued that Ratajkowski had “no legal way to stop the publication” and that his new response was to “falsely and baselessly” accuse the photographer. ‘

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“It’s a shame, because the photos are really powerful and she’s loved by many of her fans.”

Ratajkowski’s representative did not immediately respond to a Fox News request for comment.


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