[EN DIRECT] Latest developments on COVID-19

[EN DIRECT] Latest developments on COVID-19

In Quebec or anywhere on the planet, the COVID-19 epidemic continues to disrupt our lives in many ways.

Here is what you need to know about the epidemic that goes about your day.

Final report 5:30


Case: 80 412 311
Dead: 1,758,886
Recovered: 45,469,906

United States of america
Case: 18 985 154
Dead: 331,916


Quebec: 185,872 cases (7,913 deaths).
Ontario: 165,110 cases (4,278 deaths)
Alberta: About 94,881 cases (890 deaths).
British Columbia: 48,609 cases (808 deaths)
Manitoba: 23,624 cases (617 deaths)
Saskatchewan: 14,255 cases (134 deaths)
Nova Scotia: 1,465 cases (65 deaths)
New Brunswick: 587 cases (8 deaths)
Newfoundland and Labrador: 384 cases (4 deaths)
Nunavut: 265 cases (2 deaths)
Prince Edward Island: 94 cases
Yukon: 60 cases (1 death)
North Western Region: 24 cases
Canadian Returns: 13 Cases
Total: 535,087 (14,598 deaths)


5:00 PM AstraZeneca says there is a ‘formula of victory’ ahead of Britain’s decision

The British pharmaceutical group AstraZeneca has, after additional research, claimed a “winning formula” for the COVID-19 vaccine, developed with the University of Oxford, on which British regulators are to vote over the next few days. .


4h00 | More than 80 million cases worldwide

More than 80 million cases of contamination with the new coronovirus, including 1.76 million deaths, have been recorded since the start of the pandemic a year ago worldwide, according to reports by AFP on Sunday, by health officials 8:00 am GMT.

3h41 | Israel to initiate third lockdown

Israel is preparing to launch a third semi-normal event of at least two weeks on Sunday to prevent an increase in contamination with new coronoviruses, while the national flash vaccination campaign launched last week is in full swing.

3h21 | A non-politician, first person vaccinated in Spain

According to images aired by national television, a 96-year-old man living in a retirement home in central Spain was the first person to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in the country on Sunday.


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