Epiphany hit from “The Three Wise Men”, Scotland by Sheila

Epiphany hit from


France 2
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C.Airaud, R.Ascensio, H.Pozzo, J.PIres – France 2

France Television

January 6, the date of Epiphany, is the feast of the three kings and the appearance of divinity for Christians. The theme inspired a cult song by Sheila, which became a hit in the summer of 1971. A look at its history.

In March 1971, television was still black and white, but Sheila was already a star Hello Friends , In the midst of the year’s boom, Les rois mages made the top 50. The pop tube still resonates in the minds of French people today. ,She’s so hot, we really wanna dance on herBefore becoming The Three Kings, the song was a hit by Scottish band Middle of the Road, titled Tweedle de Tweedle Dum.

,The original is about Scottish clans, because the band that sang was Scottish, it talks about tartan, kilt, MacGregor, it has nothing to do with the story of the three kings in Galilee“, says Jean-Pierre Pasqualini, director of programs for Melody TV. A well-known Italian car brand then confiscated the tube to make a commercial of it. Shot in the desert, it was of course Sheila’s historical producer, Claude. Will inspire Carrere. Write the French song Three Wise Men would then resonate in all languages, and Sheila would perform in all genres, from disco to salsa.


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