“Erasmus” is over in the United Kingdom

The Spanish inn will never be an English hut again. At a press conference following the trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union to hold Brexit on Thursday 24 December, it was officially announced that the United Kingdom was leaving the famous event “Erasmus”.

A Brexit Deal Finally Found!

this is “A decision of the British Government” Michel Barnier regrets having expressed his dissatisfaction badly on the subject, returning Boris Johnson to his responsibilities. The United Kingdom was indeed an important player in the program, allowing students to explore other European countries.

“What are you going to say to the youth who hoped to apply for the Erasmus program?” A journalist asked Boris Johnson during the press conference.“It was a difficult decision. As you know, the UK has had a major contribution to this system. But Erasmus was also very expensive. We are going to establish a system of exchanges, but a system specific to the United Kingdom. “Brexit Deal: Now What?

More than five million exchanges

In 2017, Erasmus celebrated its 30th anniversary. This program was studied to create a picture for this program.

At that time, he had enabled himself to exchange more than five million youth abroad, showing one. “Success” European Union throughout the Union after the Brexit vote.

“It’s a unique experience”, Leela, remembers two years after the adventure. His move to Dublin enabled this 24-year-old Frenchwoman, a business student at the time and now an employee “Mature, developed” and of “Meet a lot of people”.

In memory of Erasmus

It was the birth of the European program on 15 June 1987, named in memory of Erasmus, one of the great humanists of the Renaissance.

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Originally, it only allowed students to go abroad for one year. But it continues to expand, from 11 to 33 participating countries. Nominated Erasmus +, it has also been expanded to students in primary and secondary schools or vocational high schools.

Erasmus also had cinema honors. Hit film “Spanish Inn” By Cedric Klapisk, released in 2002, features a young Frenchman who went to Barcelona to study and was largely obsessed with his emotional troubles.

One million “Erasmus children”

A study published in 2014 estimated that more than one million infants have been born since the introduction of Erasmus to couples formed during the study.

For those responsible for Erasmus + who have built just 30 yearsA European Citizenship and all ‘“A fair, more inclusive and sustainable EU” doing work.

“Success is unquestionable”, Repeals Jean-Luc Nahl in charge of international relations at the Conference of the University President (CPU) of France. “It wasn’t very interesting twenty years ago in universities”, He explains to AFP. “Today, the international mobility of students is one of the elements that allows universities to do justice”.

“Losing Erasmus will be a major setback for Oxford and many universities in the United Kingdom”, Was recruited in 2017 by Lauren Griffith, Director of International Strategy at Oxford.

Yunus, a 19-year-old student of the French Exchange at Durham University (north-east of England) from September, enrolled in a history course, was convinced in any case: “Erasmus + is undoubtedly one of the most positive things about the European Union”. this is sad …


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