ESC 2021: These Music Stars Are Participating

ESC 2021: These Music Stars Are Participating

Free esc 2021
These music stars participate

Konchita Wurst and Steven Gatgen will also moderate “Free ESC” in 2021.

© Proseben / Willie Weber

“Free ESC” will take place on 2021 Procyben on Saturday (May 15). These contestants will compete in the second edition of the competition.

With the “Free ESC” 2021, the German replacement format for the Eurovision Song Contest will enter the second round on Saturday evening (May 15, 8:15 pm at Proseben). Entertainer Stephen Rabb (54) launched the competition last year as a replacement program for the failed Eurovision Song Contest.

Nico Santos (28) was the winner of the competition for Spain with his song “Like I Love You”. This year’s show will again be moderated by presenter Steven Gaten (48) and ESC winner Konchita Wurst (32). These are 16 participants who represent their home countries this year.

These are participants of the “Free ESC” 2021

Again this year, 16 musicians will compete for their home countries. In a digital press conference on Wednesday (May 12), Procyben station announced the nominees, including several leading artists. Singer-songwriter Milo (39, “Ayo Technology”) is entering the Belgian race. Star DJ Hagel (33), who had a hit in 2018 with “Bella Siao”, represents his home country France.

England debuted with the folk band Mighty Oaks (“Forgotten Tomorrow”), while neighboring Scotland sent Amy Macdonald (33, “This Is the Life”) into the competition. Former Rimon front man Ri Garvey (48, “The One”) represents his country Ireland.

Singer Jasmine Wagner aka “Blumchen” (41) represents her homeland, Croatia. Former Monros singer Mandy Capristo (31, “Enough”) competes for Italy. Singer-songwriter Danny Vera (43) will be on stage for the Netherlands on Saturday evening. Poland has very special representatives: the Schlezer Duo Fantasy (“10,000 colored balloons”).

Offenbach’s Juan Danielle, who caused a summer hit with “Buenos Moments” in 2020, will compete for last year’s winner Spain on Saturday evening. Greece will be represented by singer Sotiriya (34, “Maybe”) and former pop star contestant Elif (28, “You Only Love Yourself”) competing for Turkey.

Ben Dolick is also part of “Free ESC”

After participating in the “Eurovision Song Contest” last year, the German ESC Asha 2020, Ben Dolik (24), will compete in the “Free ESC” for his home country Slovenia. For young Austrian artist Matthia (22), who was seen on “The Voice of Germany” in 2016, host Konchita Wurst hopes for “good chances”. Switzerland sends soul singer and Swiss “Song My Song” host Seven (42) to the race.

German candidates will remain a mystery this year until the show airs until 2020. Producer Stephen Rabb says, “A real legend competes for Germany. He also looks incredibly good.” Rabab himself will only work behind the scenes.

“Free ESC” 2021 airing date

Proseben showed the second edition of the song contest on Saturday evening at prime time: “Free ESC” on May 15, 2021 at 8:15 pm and will also air in the station’s live stream On the streaming platform Joy. The final of the original Eurovision Song Contest will be broadcast a week later, on May 22, at 8.15pm on Das Erste.

Marks are awarded according to the same marks as the previous year. In Germany, viewers from Austria and Switzerland can vote for their favorites via the hotline, a major scorer vote for each of the other countries according to the ESC model. Among other things, two-time ESC winners Johnny Logan (66) decide for Ireland, Lucas Cordalis (53) award points for Greece and Tikotok’s Shanti star Nathan Evans (26) representing Scotland.


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