Europe: Chelsea and City are already dropping the Superleague, others are seriously considering it

Europe: Chelsea and City are already dropping the Superleague, others are seriously considering it

The first huge snub for the newly created European Superleague: Many of the 12 founding members of the competition are already leaving, including Chelsea and Manchester City, according to the press. Manchester United, Atletico and Barca are not as far-flung as they left the ship.

The trust between Superleague’s founding president Florentino Perez and the competition’s general secretary already goes a long way: many of the twelve founding clubs are about to leave the competition while its first edition has not even taken place. The English media reports that Chelsea and Manchester City are the first to leave the competition behind and leave. The clubs are already at the point where they made the papers to leave.

Arsenal are also seriously considering a quick start in England according to other sources, including former player Stan Collymore. However, the decision will not be taken yet for the North London club. Similar echoes from Manchester United where rumors of a very imminent withdrawal from the Superleague are becoming more and more pressing, even as some well-informed journalists assure that it is not yet decided. Crazier still, general manager of the club Ed Woodward, resigned in protest against the scale of the disaster!

This movement of departures between the 12 founding clubs does not stop in England as Atletico Madrid, one of the three Spanish clubs, is also said to be leaving the ship less than two days after the announcement of the start of the competition. From FC Barcelona, ​​we agreed with the opinion The partners Who owns the club and who is it will vote on whether or not to enter the now famous (or smoky) superleague.

The evening promises to go completely insane as English media TalkSport claims that the Superleague project has been completely canceled, which remains to be confirmed at this time.

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