Evan McGregor to play American fashion designer for Netflix

Evan McGregor to play American fashion designer for Netflix

The Halston miniseries, along with Scottish comedian Evan McGregor, will pay tribute to the legendary fashion designer.

The stage series directed and produced by Daniel Mihan Netflix The famous fashion designer will follow, as he transforms his unique and fabricated name into a global fashion empire, synonymous with luxury, gender, status and fame, virtually defining the era in which he lives, New York until the 1970s and 1980s. A hostile takeover forces him to fight for control of his most precious possession … the name Halston. The airing date has been set as 14 May.

The world of luxury on Netflix with Just Halston

In addition to Evan McGregor as the main character, Krista Rodriguez (Gossip Girl, Quantico, Daybreak) as Lisa Minnelli in the cast, Rebecca Dadan (Paris with Love, A Little History, Noviette) from ‘Elsa Perity, Bill Pullman’ Are included in the form. Victor Hugo, David Pittu (Feeney, Damage, Rescue Me) Joe Jolla, Sullivan Jones (The Gilded), David Mahoney’s (American Masters, Torchwood, The Sinner) David Mahoney’s, Gian Franco Rodriguez (Distemia, Chaos Men, Exit Of the dead). Joel Schumacher, Kelly Bishop (The Edge of Ed Austin in The Banhades, The Good Wife, Gilmore Girls in Eleanor Lambert and Vera Farmiga (The Escape), The Politician, Harlem) in Ed Austin, Rory Culkin (Hick, Bullet Head, Lords of Chaos ). , The Commuter, Electric Dreams) in Adele. Note that Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, Minahan, Alexis Martin Woodall, Evan McGregor, Eric Kowton, Shar White, Christine Vachon and Pamela Koeffler of Killer Films are executive producers. Bus halston.

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