Everything about their name, caste, age etc.

Everything about their name, caste, age etc.

Taylor Swift is also known for her love for cats in addition to her music and cheerful personality.

It is no surprise that the singer-songwriter is enamored of her adorable feline (she also has earrings on her face) as well as she should be, because they are adorable.

His adoration for cats even went so far as to appear in the cursed film “Cats” as Bombalurina singing “Macavity”.

Swift fans have seen her cats on her social media, merchandise and professional work and are stars in their own right.

How many cats does Taylor Swift have?

Swift has three cats: two Scottish folds named Olivia Benson and Meredith Gray and one Ragdoll named Benjamin Button.

Names may sound familiar; He is named after Swift’s favorite TV and movie characters.

Olivia Benson is named after the iconic detective and captain played by Mariska Harjit in “Law and Order: SVU”, Meredith Gray is named after Ellen Pompeo’s character on “Grey’s Anatomy” and Benjamin Button Is named for the title role played by Brad Pitt. The film “The Curious Benjamin Button”.

The breeds themselves, particularly the Scottish fold, are the subject of controversy.

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