Everything you need to know about Luke Taylor’s Sea Shanti Past

Everything you need to know about Luke Taylor's Sea Shanti Past

Before gifting, deep-voiced singer Luke Taylor rocked Hollywood American image Season 20, he went viral on Tiktok for singing sea huts. Luke, a 20-year-old student from Westchester, Pennsylvania, stunned host Ryan Seacrest and judged Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie with his deep, singing voice.

For his audition, Luke sang “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. Luke Bryan sent Luke to Hollywood, but Katy was worried he was too fancy and couldn’t compete seriously, so she said no. Lionel agreed that he didn’t think of Luke “go to the end”, But he thought Luke might be an interesting addition to Hollywood Week. He said to Luke, “I say throw you in the soup,” And said yes. With two upvotes, Luke has earned his golden ticket to Hollywood.

This isn’t the first time Luke has grabbed the audience’s attention. in an interview with philadelphia review, Luke reveals he joined TikTok during COVID-19 quarantine “as a joke” And a way to pass the time, without expecting anything. Luke posted videos of himself singing country songs, but soon found himself interested in the trend of singing in TikTok sea huts. Sea huts are traditional rhythmic songs about pirates, treasures, mermaids, and rum that were sung by sailors doing manual labor together. Hugely popular centuries ago, sea huts have made a comeback on the popular app, creating a craze called “ShantiTok”. Luke’s viral TikTok status led to the call American Idol He was asked if it would be worth auditioning, and the rest is history.

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“Coming Soon Wellerman”

In January 2021, when Luke first saw a viral TikTok rendition of Scottish singer Nathan Evans’ 19th-century whaling song, “Soon May the Wellerman Come”, he thought the song could use a line from Low. One of his favorite activities is singing the bassline to the song. Luke used the Duet feature on TikTok, which allows singers to add vocals to each other’s videos, and is filmed singing along to Nathan himself. luke said video “explosion,” And now he has 2.6 million followers on Tiktok and 36.7 million likes for his videos. It has since gone viral along with other sea shacks.

The Wellermen

Luke and fellow Sea Peace vocalists Nathan, Aaron Sloan, Bobby Waters, Jonny Stewart and Sam Pope started the band The Wellermen. He released his single, “Wallerman”, in 2021, and his new song, “Misty Mountains”, was released in February 2022. These singles raise money for their charity partner, the Marine Conservation Society in the UK, which works to protect the ocean.

anchor man

according to this Philly Voice, In February 2021, Luke was a member of The Anchor Men, a sea shack singing group. After the COVID-19 pandemic subsided, he hoped to sing to sea shacks at festivals and on stage on cruise ships. His TikTok page describes him as follows “The ultimate in the hut of the sea with the sons of the sea.”

i can see your voice

In January 2022, Luke raised his deep voice i can see your voice, On the show, contestants must base their decisions solely on their lip-syncing performances, life leads and the help of a celebrity panel, without letting the bad singers from the group hear their voices. In the season premiere episode, Luke was introduced as a carpenter who also loves to sing sea huts. They lip-synced to “Ring of Fire”. The contestant dismissed Luke as a bad singer, but she got it wrong when Luke sang a catchy rendition of Toby Keith’s “Beer for My Horse”. He then stated that he was actually a carpenter who sang sea huts and sang the part of “Soon May the Wellerman Come”.

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Why Sea Peace?

in interview with luke philadelphia review, He explained that he liked old songs, and “Older songs like Sea Shack always have cool bass lines.” Luke also shared that he believes Sea Shack is becoming popular again because “I think these are very powerful songs. People need strength in today’s times. It is really unifying to hear people coming together to sing these songs.”

Luke states that he has sailed only a few times, but he seems to have power in sea huts. “Bringing back memories that none of us have from a past life.” luke said it was happening “Especially for boys. It just makes us feel cool.”

luke seduced American Idol Audiences were struck by his incredibly deep voice and vocal talent, but his loyal fans immediately thanked him for his viral TikTok nautical songs. Whether or not Luke advances in the competition will tell, but he’s already had great success. With his unique voice, with his ability to unite people and make them smile, Luke has already won.

American Idol Airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

Sources: Philadelphia Magazine, Luke Taylor/TikTok, Philly Voice

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