Fares Betty: Lily Krug turns action thriller with Gerard Butler

Lilly Krug (l.) macht ihre Mutter, Veronica Ferres, sehr stolz. Foto: imago/Future Image

Lily Krug (left) makes her mother, Veronica Fares, very proud. Photo: Imago/Future Image

Great honor and opportunity for Lily Krug! Veronica Fares’ daughter is shooting an action thriller with Scottish Hollywood star Gerard Butler.

Young actress Lily Krug (20) is engaged in a real coup. She replaces the action thriller “The Plane” with Scottish Hollywood star Gerard Butler (51, “The Naked Truth”). among other things Dye US-Branchensite “Variety” Further reports, Joy Slotnick, Remy Edelke, Hailey Hecking and Oliver Trevena are also part of the party. They join the previously announced Mike Colter, Daniela Pineda, Kelly Gale and Yosan Ann.

“I’m proud of you”

Lily Krug, daughter of actress Veronica Fares (56, “The Woman from Checkpoint Charlie”) appears on Instagram Overwhelmed: “I still can’t believe this is happening!! I’m honored to be working with so many talents and telling this story. Everyone was just amazing and I love this project.” looking forward to doing it together” she writes in English.

and his mother already has on Instagram Responds: “I’m so proud of you”, she writes to a screenshot of the message in the American magazine “The Hollywood Reporter”.

That’s what “The Plane” is about

In the film, Gerard Butler plays the plane’s pilot Brody Torrance, who is threatened by militant pirates who seek to take the plane and its passengers hostage after the heroic landing of their storm-damaged plane in hostile territory.

While officials and media around the world search for the missing plane, Brody has to cope with the situation and keep his passengers safe until help arrives.

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not the first international film

It was only in June that it became known that Lily Krug would play the female lead in another action thriller. In “Shattered” you’ll also see John Malkovich (67, “Being John Malkovich”), Frank Grillo (56) and Cameron Monaghan (27).

At the end of 2019, he also shot the drama “Swing” in favor of two-time Oscar nominee Michael Shannon (47, “Times of Turmoil”) in the US state of Louisiana. Here too, Lily Krug played one of the two leading female actresses.


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