Farewell to two passionate nature filmmakers in Neuro-Isenberg

Farewell to two passionate nature filmmakers in Neuro-Isenberg

Happily married for 72 years: Helmut Hubler died a few weeks after his wife Annie.

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Much sorrow for the city and especially for the film and video friends at VHS: The Association has lost two of its oldest and most loyal members within a very short period of time: Anne Hubler’s Kovid-19 at the age of 92 She died on January 11 — Dees, her husband Helmut Hubler, followed just three weeks later on January 31 at the age of 94.

Neuro-Isenberg – Hublers were happily married for 72 years, writes the association in a sanctuary. “Above all, he shared a common hobby: nature films. 47 years ago, Helmut (Didi) became a film and video friend and a member of the German Film Writers Association. He was considered one of the best nature filmmakers here and received all awards and accolades at the annual NATUR Federal Film Festival at Blisscastle in Saarland. “

Another major obsession of Helmut Hubler was lawn weight training, he is also considered the inventor of the New Eisenberg Scottish Highland Games.

“It was with great sadness that we learned about the death of the Huber couple. We say goodbye to amazing people. With his films he brought us closer to nature. We thank Helmut Hubler for bringing the Scottish Highland Games to Neuro-Isenberg. Our Huguenot is one of the most unusual events in the city, now known beyond the city limits. We will honor Huber’s memory, ”Mayor Herbert Hunkel and First City Counselor Stephen Schmidt emphasized in another area published by the city yesterday.

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Lawn strength athlete Helmut Hubler saw the Highland Games in a cinema newsreel in 1957 and was so enthusiastic that he activated other athletes in the Lawn Strength Sports Department of Spielvernig 03 and successfully competed in stone throwing, hammer throwing a year later in Edinburgh. Of. Throwing weight and throwing weight. “Born on the same day as Queen Elizabeth, April 21, 1926, she is said to have waved gracefully to the young athlete”, write to her fellow film friends. In games at Naran and Edinburgh, Hans Stamp finished second in throwing the trunk of the tree, with Helmut Kreis winning in a chain weight throw in Naran.

Sports trips from Neuro-Isenberg to Scotland continued regularly until 1963. Heavy athletes then focused on maintaining Scottish disciplines in the club arena and applying them to the club championships. Since 1969, competitions were no longer held within the club, but as an open invitation program with top-class athletes and a colorful auxiliary event with bagpipers and Scottish folk dance groups.

After 30 years, heavy athletes stopped the event because, over time, there were very few assistants available for complex organization, athletes became more and more expensive and audience response waned.

At the city’s request, the popular event was recalled in 2009 and took place every two years under the direction of the Sports Department and the Athletics Sports Club. According to the city, the Scottish Highland Games in Neuro-Eisenberg are one of the oldest Scottish games in Germany and include disciplines such as scotch hammer, field stone throwing, weight throwing, weight throwing and tree trunk.

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“Not only because of the successes, but given their shared, fulfilling and multi-faceted lives”, some of the film’s members and video friends — Isenberg had already produced an award-winning video film “The Huber Files” in 2019. More about the particular film duo and posted it on YouTube. It is a loving tribute to the nature filmmaker couple. “Anani and Didi were able to appreciate their life’s work for a while. We will miss you ”, write film fans. Hove

In 1959, enthusiastic athletes in tartan skirts in Edinburgh: Helmut Hubler (from left), Hans Stamp, Harold Fuchs, Martin Kottwitz and Helmut Kreis.

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