Fashion Guide: Pattern Mix: 5 Style Rules for Men

Fashion Guide: Pattern Mix: 5 Style Rules for Men

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Pattern Mix: 5 Style Rules for Men

Yes, mixing patterns requires courage. In the right combination, pattern and print make a big difference. Hardly anything can go wrong with these tips.

Checks, Stripes, Dots or Animal Prints: Wild pattern combinations are revolutionizing the fashion world. Not only women, but also the masters of creation can let off steam creatively. How does this work mustermix, Combined incorrectly, the look quickly becomes chaotic. With these five golden rules, men can achieve tasteful styling with a variety of patterns and prints.

Pattern Mix: 5 Rules for a Successful Look

  1. set contrast: Patterns work best in contrast. A small scale pattern looks best with a large scale print. We combine attractive prints with simple patterns.
  2. find a color world: The selected samples must come from at least one color family or have at least one common color. Wild prints also harmonize well with each other.
  3. less is more: For starters, two or three different patterns are enough – otherwise the individual prints get lost in great chaos.
  4. Avoid Mixing Styles: Anyone who already combines patterns should decide on a style. Patterned trousers made of an equally fine fabric are recommended for a beautiful patterned shirt – that’s how we keep the common thread.
  5. subtle stuff: The mix of patterns already provides enough eye-catcher. Jewellery, footwear and company are therefore welcome to be more reserved. Otherwise the outfit looks too overloaded.

Pattern Mixing for Men: A Dress Example for Re-styling

Glen check is a classic pattern for men. The design was developed in Scotland and traditionally adorns suits or ties. Woolen Tweed Trousers by Ralph Lauren apply check to a simple color scheme—it creates a timeless look. The pattern can be combined in many ways as it is not very flashy.

  • subtle color
  • slim cut
  • Can be combined with attractive prints and colorful patterns

Flower shirt for successful mixing of patterns

A finely divided floral pattern makes a perfect contrast to checked trousers. Eterna’s floral shirt creates an exciting light-dark contrast with pale blue tones. The feminine touch perfectly complements the masculine Glencheck check. A pair of brown boots and a simple coat complete the mix-and-match look.

  • allover-muster
  • slim cut
  • Can be combined with simple, linear patterns

Optional: color blocking for beginners

If you prefer to take the pattern trend more slowly, you can use multicolored fabrics. A color blocker shirt is very easy to combine and still contributes to a creative mix of patterns. For a similar look, we choose different colors in belts, shoes or hats.

  • trendy pastel colors
  • loose cut
  • can be combined in many ways

Conclusion: How can men implement pattern mixing?

There was boredom yesterday. Men bring creativity to the outfit with the pattern combination. mustermix And professionalism is not fundamentally mutually exclusive. Subtle patterns gracefully stage the eye-catching prints. Alternatively, color blocking elements add color to the look. Basically, you should stay true to your style. Harmonious color combinations in favorite colors often paint a better picture than a rusty mess.

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