Feminism, patriarchy… we debated Alice Coffin and Ellen Finkielkraut

Feminism, patriarchy... we debated Alice Coffin and Ellen Finkielkraut

These two had never met. And for good reason, Alice Coffin is to Alain Finkielkraut who is carp to rabbit. They have almost nothing in common except perhaps their ability to create controversy around them. Because in this fable the carp is far from being silent and the hare wants to run backwards. So it was a challenge to bring these two strong ends together. By keeping them in the same ring, we might even dread a fruitless match of two irreducible positions. The objective was set from the start: short of the punchline, it was necessary to aim for debate, clear and constructive. Which is sorely lacking today. After initial objections, and far from their sarcasm, the activist and essayist listened to each other for more than two hours, listening to the dialogue without concessions, but always with full respect for the adversary.

On the left, Alice Coffin, 43 years old. Along with Adele Haenel and Virginie Despentes, she is part of the central figures of feminist and LGBT struggles for an entire generation today. Media journalist and elected Europe Ecology-les Verts to the Paris city council, he made a notable entry into politics by calling for the resignation of deputy mayor Christophe Girard for his close association with juvenile delinquent author Gabriel Matznef. In 2020, she also published “Les Jeanne Lesbians”, a personal work with echoing echoes in which she exposes her homosexuality – she defines herself as a

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