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Breathing Earth: Japanese artist Susumu Shingu creates kinetic objects that are brought to life by the wind. They twist and wave in the wind like his idol in the forest and the rice field. His dream is a wind village.

Breathing Earth: Dialogue with Nature

Breathing Earth - Art object of Susumu Shingu is installed
Breathing Earth – Art object of Susumu Shingu is installed

Kinetic – moving – art objects, which are propelled by wind, move within each other, around their axis, along with other moving parts. Susumu shingus objects swing like leaves on a tree, all at different speeds and in different directions. There are individual joints, metal plates, triangles, rectangles – smooth or curved – of different lengths.
Wind speed is visible only when the wind hits an object. It has a captivating effect in the form of a game with water. Then the metal disc is twisted, reflected in the pond and reflects the light.

where the mirrors blink

Mirrors move gracefully between the glass blocks of the two skyscrapers. Somewhere there is a joint that vibrates the individual triangles, rectangles, arcs. They turn in all directions – up, down, right, left, perform acrobatics and dance pirates. They reflect light on themselves or on the glass blocks of tall buildings. It comes back from different sides to another place. Mirror ballet cannot be predicted, but it depends on wind speed.

Breathing Earth – Susumu Shingus Traum

His dream is a village that lives alone in the air and generates energy. The earth breathing with abundant air, the ultimate elixir of life. Be sure to include a theatre, cafe, flowers and a vegetable garden for self-sufficiency.
In this mission he flies around the world in search of a simple location for his Breathing Earth project.
A ruin in Italy, on which the wind blows hard, seems ideal to him. The inner courtyard has space for four windmills and a theatre. Blowing away the seeds of thistle, he happily lets the wind blow around his nose. As always, speaking to the people responsible shows that the art experts are very enthusiastic; Decision makers worry. Restaurant? No, no competition!

Breathing Earth - Susumu Shingu
Breathing Earth – Susumu Shingu

Another scenario is black and flat from coal mining. It looks futuristic like a lunar landscape. There is no room for cars here.
Scotland has a lot of wind, but also a lot of rain. Art historians are enthusiastic about this idea and the Village Model. In fact, the diameter of the restaurant is 30 meters. From a distance it resembles a large mushroom with a thick base, the canopy of which is perforated at the edges. These are windows.

Breathing Earth - Susumu Shingus Model
Breathing Earth – Susumu Shingus Model

Until now, the village has existed only as a model that has always stirred up a storm of enthusiasm – unfortunately not among the decision-makers. Here in Scotland the project fails because of an engineer’s lack of handwriting.
In Istanbul he goes to “Spoon Island” with enthusiastic curators. The film ends here.
Will Susumu Shingu be able to make her dream come true this time?

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Breathing Earth – Days, Weeks, Months in the Life of an Artist

The film depicts an artist who continuously pursued his idea for decades. It depicts the creation of works of art, from models to inspections in a wind tunnel. His art objects move in the air all over the world. For Susumu Shingu they symbolize his attitude towards life. He compares all sensations to the phenomena of nature – waves and wind. Pictures and objects have poetic titles. He paints his dreams on kites and lets them fly in the air, because such dreams do come true!

Breathing Earth - Susumu Shingus Zeichnung
Breathing Earth – Susumu Shingus Zeichnung

Similar to artist Christo, Susumu Shingu pursues his dream, which he gives concrete shape to with his drawings and models. He also works 24 hours a day with his wife.
The film ends in a frank way – perhaps Susumu Shingu has now realized her dream on the air.

Breathing Earth – Susumu Shingu’s Dream Nature Vision Film Festival in Ludwigsburg

Germany 2012 – 93 min – Director: Thomas Riedelsheimer – Language: Japanese, Italian – Subtitles: German

“Whenever the wind blows, the earth breathes”: Japanese artist Susumu Shingu shapes the air with his sculptures – and he has a vision to create a village that is supplied by natural energy sources of wind and sun . Portrait of an artist and a film of a meditative nature that “flys” in the audience for a long time.

Book: Thomas Riedelsheimer
Camera: Thomas Riedelsheimer
Editor: Thomas Riedelsheimer
SoundDesign: Nico Krebs
Tone: Shinya Kitamura
Music: Stephen Mikes
Production: Skyline Productions, Pforzheim
Editor: Sabine Rollberg, WDR/ARTE; Erki Astala, YLE Finland
Geo Availability: Worldwide

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