Florian Weber Privately: Mediator is a de facto all-rounder

Florian Weber Privately: Mediator is a de facto all-rounder

Most viewers know Florian Webber through his job at the station ARD And SWR. But he can also do something completely different: as an intermediary Vowel-Adventure show “Survivor” presents Weber 2019 from a completely new perspective. We introduce the receivable reporter in more detail.

Florian Weber: This is how his career started

Florian Weber was born on June 24, 1976 in Frankfurt am and grew up in Neckargemond, near Heidelberg. Born in Frankfurt, he eventually moved to Munich to study political science, where he gained his first experience as a presenter, editor and reporter in various radio and TV formats before graduating. He stood in front of microphones for various radio stations for NDR, SWR and BR.

Moderator, Actor, Family Person: Florian Weber is a real all-rounder

Things continued to grow for Weber after that. From 2004 to 2007 he was the presenter of “Vomobaz” on ZDF, before he presented “Das Duel im Ersten” on ARD. From 2009 to 2019 he led through the “ARD-Buffet” program. He stood in front of the camera on several shows as a live reporter and presenter for NDR, HR, RBB, MDR, SWR and Bavarian Television.

Many viewers see Florian Webber, especially from the TV programs “Master of Everyday”, “Much-Ditch-Run”, “Who Has Seen?”, “Top Flops – Funniest TV Glitches”, “Landesachur Baden-Württemberg”, ” Know. Wies’n champions “and” let’s be honest “. In addition to his career as a presenter, Florian Weber has also served as an actor in several series and television films, including “Bei Eller Lebe”, “Under White Sales”, “The Fallers – A Black Forest Family” , “Vacation home”. “And” Inga Lindstrom “in Scotland.

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As the moderator of “Survivor” in Vox, he is gaining new experience

The 44-year-old is also hosting the Vox show “Survivor” from 2019. No wonder Weber could not refuse the offer. Mediator also likes to be a bit adventurous in his personal life. He told “Vox” that he likes to spend his free time climbing mountains, mountain biking or skiing. The fact that the presenter has a weakness for action-packed games is also evident from his many Instagram photos.

Can’t see Instagram posts? Then press here!

Can’t see Instagram posts? Then press here!

Can’t see Instagram posts? Then press here!

Florian Weber: That’s why he lives with his wife and three children

Allrounder lives in Chimegow with his wife Astrid and three children. Florian Weber describes his family Website As the best in her life, because she “ends her volatile life with much love and great peace”. When Weber is not in front of the camera, he enjoys everyday life with his family. It also includes: “Shopping, mowing the lawn, barbecuing with friends, enjoying parental evenings and family time,” he writes down-to-earth on his website.

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