Florian Zeller: “Being able to share these Oscars with Anthony Hopkins is priceless”

Florian Zeller:

41-year-old Florian Zeller spent a terrific time at the 93rd Academy Awards, his film “The Father” winning two statues: Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actor for Anthony Hopkins. We were able to talk to him in the morning after the ceremony which ended at 5:20 am (French time).

you are happy ?

Florian Zeller. very happy. We started the evening by receiving an Oscar for Best Screenplay, and from that moment on I mentioned Anthony Hopkins, because I couldn’t separate the desire that I had to make this film with him. I wrote it for him, and ended the night with my Oscar, which makes even more sense. Being able to share that time with him is priceless…

Were you able to talk to him?

Yes, he is in Scotland, also trapped in a health bubble, which is why he was not present at the ceremony. I called him immediately, he was just awake, I felt his great feeling, it made me nervous. It has a special meaning that he has to get the biggest consecration again for an actor who, after more than thirty years of “Silence of the Lambs”, I didn’t think he would be so happy … I know Is that he gave everything to “The Father”, he was exceptionally generous as he connected with his feelings and his sense of mortality so that the film could find its strength. I find that admirable.

You also thanked Christopher Hampton, with whom you wrote the screenplay …

In fact, we have been working together for years, he translated all my plays into England. We understand each other well. When I decided to make a film in English, I decided to do it with him, I needed someone who could be the guarantor of the English soul. Their cooperation was invaluable.

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Finally, you did not travel to Los Angeles, you were on the roof of Canal + in Bologne-Bilancourt …

We could not travel for health reasons. But what I liked is that despite the obstacles caused by these conditions, all the nominees were able to share a strong night around the cinema, some in Los Angeles, others in London, in Rome or in Paris. We were still together. And all the French nomads were gathered on the roof of Canal +.

Your second film, “The Son”, starring Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern, was announced on Wednesday. Do these Oscars inspire you even more to drown in this new feature film?

Yes, even if you have to make films for reasons other than receiving the award. “The Son” is a story I carry within myself We should shoot this summer if everything goes well then we will go into pre-production this week. Meanwhile, “The Father” should be released in the first days of June, if it is scheduled in theaters in mid-May. I hope so, because I can’t wait to share this film with the audience.


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