Florian Zeller is already preparing a new film

Florian Zeller is already preparing a new film

The playwright and director received two Oscars for their film last night husband. He said this in the subject on BFMTV on Monday evening, but also mentioned the rest and future projects.

Florian Zeller, whose film husband Won two Oscars, was a guest on our show Monday night 120% news On BFMTV. The screenwriter and director hailed for the best adapted screenplay, expressing his joy, but also mentioning his future projects. While waiting to get his statue, which he was unable to take to the site due to the Kovid-19 epidemic.

“I’m gonna get it in a few days,” he explained. “I didn’t go to Los Angeles, the French couldn’t travel to Los Angeles. There were a few of us in Paris to watch live in a kind of branch of the Hollywood ceremony in the evening.”

Anthony Hopkins, “Troubled”

Florian Zeller also returned to the “boundless joy” he felt at the time of his victory. “It’s been a pleasure for all of us since we debuted this long night with an Oscar for Best Screenplay and we ended it with an Oscar for Best Actor for Anthony Hopkins,” he said.

“For me, it had a very special meaning because I thought about this film and wrote it for him. Sharing this moment of joy and gratitude with me is all the more powerful for me”, he said.

The director also saw 83-year-old Anthony Hopkins on the phone just after the ceremony. “He didn’t follow her,” she revealed. “I called him to tell him that he had won the Oscar, he had just woken up. He was somewhere in Scotland. We had a lot of conversation going on. He was very upset: he had already gotten the Oscar thirty years ago. For the silence of the Lambs And this is his second.

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Towards a release in France in early June?

movie husband Already continuing in the United States, but also in Australia and New Zealand. In France, where the cinemas are still closed, you will have to wait a while.

“I hope we can release the film as soon as theaters open. And if they reopen, as we see fit in mid-May, I think it could be released in early June. Is. We expect from the bottom of our hearts. ” , Assured Florian Zeller. “The film is going well. It’s a strange adventure, very happy and very joyful, and for me it’s a bit virtual at the same time, from a French point of view, even after the theaters close.”

He hopes the French audience will discover his feature film, “which tries to place the audience in a unique place, like in a maze, as if we were the main characters of this”. “It’s not just a story, it’s an experience. It’s like a puzzle, and the invitation to play with the pieces of this puzzle tries to find meaning,” he analyzed.

A new project in progress

Florian Zeller is already thinking about the rest of his career, and hopes to keep trying to make the films he dreams of making, along with his prestigious award.

“The big challenge of cinema is to try to do the projects that you carry within you, and what you really want to do. And I hope that having the Oscars will allow me to do what I dream of doing Look. ” On BFMTV.

“Is a project I’ve been working on for some time, also known as an adaptation of a piece of me son“, He unveiled.” It’s a movie called son And I will be shooting, hopefully, this summer. “

Frenchman honored at the 93rd Oscar ceremony Monday afternoon, greeted by Emmanuel Macron. “Two Oscars for his work husband: Congratulations to Florian Zeller, whose talent shines throughout the Atlantic! “, The President of the Republic wrote.” He sent me a message this morning, a message of congratulations stating that at this particular moment, the good news was this. Ujjwal, ”said the director and screenwriter.

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