Folks and Fools: A Ray of Light to Amaze and Laugh

Folks and Fools: A Ray of Light to Amaze and Laugh

News from 11/20/2021

by Helmi Tiesler-Venter

The Wäller Kleinkunstfestival Folk & Fools defies adversity on weekends and offers first-class entertainment. Both the events will take place at the Montbaur Town Hall in compliance with the 3G regulation. They each provide two hours of wonderful and fun stuff, time to switch off and laugh.

Four artists from Variety ‘Special in Montabour’. Photos: Helmi Tiesler-Venter

Montbauer. On Friday evening, November 19th, an extraordinary “Variety” special?? The heartfelt wish of many viewers came true. According to organizer Uli Schmidt, there has never been such an overwhelming response. In normal times the hall and cash register would have been completely full. Thanks to financial support from the city of Montbauer in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and reliable regional sponsors, the cultural organizer can provide a platform to artists despite difficult times.

For two artists who dropped out due to illness, equivalent replacements were found within a day. A special one too? entertainment professional? Standing on stage: Moderator Brian O?? Got from Castle, the bastion of humorous lightness?? Delighted by guitar and elaborate vocals including Montbauer, The Castle, The A3 and Ulli Schmidt in their welcome song?? Hallelujah?? Well Adjust. Not surprisingly, God was on stage after all.

In a hilarious way, he designed the Frozen Princess fairy tale in the manner of Grimm. Used onomatopoeically with entry signs, giving every kind of terminology for heart attack. “Beyond Sweden”, “Poems Against You” on the other hand was suitable for everyday use. His rhymes about women with genitals or tattoos soared madness to the heights of heaven.

The beautiful Mistress of the Rings, Andrea Engler, spins hula hoops around her body at breathtaking speed. The gleaming tires seemed to float up and down on their own accord, with artistry grace.

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Manipulation – hand-only magic featuring Mathias Rauch, who very entertainingly performed his tricks and kept showing the cards until the box was full and the ping-pong balls increased miraculously Go. You immediately believe that the artist can make a living from his art when he turns a piece of paper into a one hundred euro note. With a small table called?? Soren ?? Roach offered a cinematic illusion.

Magic without words, in which ??something living out of something?? A white bird danced around the magician. His parade number along with the missing bottle of ketchup was shocking and amusing. Everything the ladies need fits in a box at Rauch. A big secret for all those unfamiliar with magic.

The fastest xylophone player in the universe actually worked exceptionally fast, not just with his hands. Dirk Schaeffel hits his instrument and microphone stand in a virtuoso, fast-paced and hilarious manner. Music The comedian played from classical to rock with tremendous clapper wear and unimaginable tempo. For the bagpipes you need a sack, a balloon and a doodle were used, the result is authentic Scottish music. And also among the commercially available xylophones is the famous French Cancun?? From Orpheus in the Underworld. When he was dismissed by Dirk Schaeffel.

The second part of the Folk and Fools Cabaret Festival will take place on Saturday evening, November 20. Still have tickets for the show? Fatih Morgan?? By Fatih Sevikollu and the Feuerbach Quartet. (htv) Local Edition on Facebook Become a fan of Montabaur!


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