For his next film after “A Star Is Born”, Bradley Cooper chooses to work with Carey Mulligan

For his next film after

Actor and director Bradley Cooper – Zuma / Starface

The cast is beginning to act as the director of Bradley Cooper’s next film. After announcing that he would also play the role of composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein in a new biopic, the star confirmed his having found his “leading lady” in the person of Carey Mulligan. British actress will actually be starring The artist, For Netflix, as the writer’s wife Story of west, Felicia Montelejre Cohan Bernstein.

The film will tell the story of love, according to “complex” time limitBetween Maestro and his wife. Bradley Cooper left nothing to chance and worked with the composer’s family for three years to live the story up to legend. And he seems to have hit the nail on the head. “We are absolutely delighted that Kerry Mulligan is playing the role of our mother The artist. Carrie will certainly capture Felicia’s unique combination of intelligence, warmth, elegant beauty, and depth of feeling. We also love that Kerry accepts a very European kind of hypothesis, which our mother also embodied, ”Jamie Bernstein told the publication.

Shared passion

Brady Cooper was also excited about the casting of Carey Mulligan, whose career he says has followed for a long time. “I have been killed by Carrie since I saw her on stage years ago and I have not performed a single performance since. I have such great talent and a lot of respect for working with such a person as Carey, ”he said.

Filming of The artist Ready to kick in next spring, but Netflix has yet to confirm a release date for the highly anticipated film, as it marks the first time for Bradley Cooper since it hit the box office.A star was born.

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