France-Ecoce on Friday evening on television or other suggestions

France-Ecoce on Friday evening on television or other suggestions

For those who are not fans of the oval ball, some suggestions.

Police Night, Comedy, Comedy and Comedy (!!!) to start the weekend in a good mood!

We start with a “police” evening France 3 pm 9:05 pm. With the series “Crime on …”, Crime in Luberon Then Crime in Aigues-Mortes With the Florence kernel.

First, the police are investigating a hunter’s killing in his forties, taking part in a hunt.

At 10:40 am the other day, a young lawyer was murdered in his office.

Probably more to see for the spectacular landscape than the espionage intrigue …

France 4, 9:05 pm M cesar, 10 1/2 years, 1 meter 39 By Richard Berry with Jules Sitruk (2003)

Ten and a half years, 1m39, parents, arguments, friends, first love, rivalry, school, authority, a few extra pounds … so many things that make Caesar’s little world. Shy, she doesn’t talk a lot, but thinks a lot.

An original family film, both funny and sensitive.

Trailer Moi Sisar 10 1/2 years, 1 meter 39

Chere 25, at 9:05 pm in her shoes With Cameron Diaz and Shirley McLain

The stormy relationship of the two sisters, which, apart from the size of their shoes, apparently has nothing in common.

Good entertainment

Fellow announces in his shoes

In the end Canal plus 9:10 pm, Family spirit With Guillaume de Tonkdecke, François Bareland and Josienne Balasco

Alexander once again becomes entangled with his father Jax. A priority, he should not, since the latter has died, but Jax, or rather his soul, is there, bitch by his side. And as Alexander is about to see him and so to talk to him, his mother, his wife and his brother begin to worry about his strange behavior.

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A family comedy between humor and tenderness

Family Soul Trailer

Even more Hapur hos de canal vod : € 1 selection of movies for hire, directly accessible from your freebox.

A perfect occasion for a movie night at home.

Care : This offer is valid only on Friday, March 26, 2021.

What movies to watch for these HAPPY HOURS?

  • The new mutants
  • small country
  • vast
  • Mm
  • police
  • Beyond appearances
  • Yakari
  • Heroes never die

How to take advantage of it?

Nothing could be simpler: Go to the CANAL VOD store in your freebox. Choose the movie of your choice from a selection of HAPPY HOURS. To validate the order take your freebox purchase code, a code you will find in your customer area, the television section displays my TV code.


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