France XV’s defense coach Sean Edwards missed and the defense faltered

France XV's defense coach Sean Edwards missed and the defense faltered

Despite the French team’s win over Wales on Saturday 20 March, the Blues have hardly been defended since the tournament began. The reason for these difficulties is the absence of 15th French defense manager Sean Edwards for family reasons.

As the French team prepared to deliver a blow against Wales, Blues defense coach Sean Edwards failed to find a place in Fabian Galletti’s staff. In an interview with the BBC on Monday 22 March, the Englishman said he was touched by his mother’s death the previous week. He had to leave Markosis to return to Britain.

“I informed Fabian Galletti (Coach of France) And Rafal Ibnez (France team director) That I took a car, which I drove out of Heathrow (London) Until Wigan knew my father, who suffers from precarious insanity (…) it was a truly terrible week. Sean Edwards said.

An orphan defense

Prematurely leaving France’s XV, the British could not help but prepare for the match against the Welsh, which they held for over a decade before joining the Blues. “I came on friday (19 Tues) Without sleep for two days. I didn’t think about sports because I categorized my father. “ He said, he also said “He was not disappointed by what he said was wrong and tried to improve the defense.“Due to numerous health restrictions for citizens outside the European Union, he was unable to join the squad and had to watch the game from staff, away from staff and players.” Defensive instructions.

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Against the Lakes, the French team won no less than three attempts and faced Wales’ livelihood and power in the defensive stages for a long time. If this part of France’s 15th game was one of its strengths, then the announcement of the absence of this specific coach may have revealed these difficulties known on Saturday. A positive point in spite of everything, Sean Edwards is back in the staff of the Blues in the wake of the match against Scotland, where Fabian Galletti will play the men’s title.


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