France’s foreign pole of television is mobilizing for the climate

Le Pôle Outre-Mer de France Télévisions se mobilise pour le climat

On the occasion of COP 26, which will be held in Glasgow (Scotland) from 31 October to 12 November, France Television’s Overseas Division is mobilizing its TV, radio and digital antennas to highlight the role of overseas territories. future of the planet.

An ambitious documentary programme, two new magazines, committed webseries will allow everyone to explore and understand the issues in these areas.

At the forefront of climate issues, overseas territories are organizing to preserve their ecosystems, combat climate change and find sustainable solutions while respecting their environment.

In the program, documentaries including “Wayna, Children of the Jungle” by Olivier Pekmezian, where he explores one of our planet’s rare primary forests in Guyana, and travels to the village of Taluen, to meet Vayna. Hot-maroni. The documentary will be broadcast on both Portel Outre-Mer la 1re and France 3 on 4 November.

Then we find “Guyana, one health” by Marie-Monique Robin. Juliette Binoche, Rodolphe Gozlan, parasitologist and health ecologist at the Institute for Research for Development (IRD), who collaborates with the Center for the Study of Amazonian Biodiversity (CEBA) in Cayenne, gives us a follow-up to her during her final mission in Guyana invite you to. Understand the relationship between biodiversity and health. The film will be broadcast on 3 November on Portel Outre-Mer La 1एre and Channel La 1re.

With “2040,” Sugarland’s director, Damon Gemou, wonders through Kyan Khojni’s voice on the future of our children if we embrace the solutions already available for healing food, energy, and education. By traveling the world and relying on experts and concrete discoveries, Damon projects us into the future to save the planet. The documentary film will be broadcast on La 1ère channels on 10 November.

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Another documentary that will be broadcast, we will find “The Green Illusion” by Werner Boothe. German director and journalist Katherine Hartmann travels the world to denounce the dangerous, but increasingly popular, practice of greenwashing. Manu Payet has lent his voice in this film.

In “Beyond the Coral Reefs, Life,” directed by Philip Sintes, actor and comedian Lambert Wilson, committed to protecting the environment, will discover riches under Polynesian sailors, in the company of scientist Surge Plaine.

France Television highlights the foreign agricultural world and its issues through its program Nous, gens de la terre. An opportunity to promote and highlight the issues, challenges and peculiarities of this agrarian France of the three oceans.


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