Free ESC: Sylvie Mees and Pietro Lombardi are

Free ESC: Sylvie Mees and Pietro Lombardi are

Free esc
Sylvie Mees and Pietro Lombardi are

For the Netherlands and Italy: Sylvie Mees and Pietro Lombardi Award points on “Free ESC”.

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Sylvie Mees and Pietro Lombardi are also responsible for scoring points in the “Free ESC” on Saturday. Also, these are stars.

ESC winner Johnny Logan (67), pop singer Lucas Cordalis (53) and “Wellerman” singer Nathan Evans (26) will receive famous support on Saturday (May 15) to score in the “Free European Song Contest”. 8:15 pm live on ProSieben). As the broadcaster announced on Friday, Sylvie Mees (43) announced the points for the Netherlands, with Pietro Lombardi (28) rating for Italy.

Monica Ivankan (43) for Croatia, Eko Fresh (37) for Turkey, Ross Antony (46) for England and Christina Sturmer (38) for Austria are also linked. Johnny Logan, Lucas Cordalis and Nathan Evans have already been announced for scoring. You score for Ireland, Greece and Scotland. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, viewers can vote by telephone and SMS.

Performance of these stars

A total of 16 European countries are again participating in the “Free ESC” by the show’s inventor and ProSieben veteran Stephen Raab (54): Ben Dolic (24) for Slovenia, Amy Macdonald (33) for Scotland, Belgium Milo (39), Mandy Capristo (31) for Italy, Mighty Oaks for England, DJ Hugel (33) for France, Ri Garvey (48) for Ireland and Jasmine Wagner (41) for Croatia. Danny Vera (43) for the Netherlands, Matthia (22) for Austria, Duo Fantasy for Poland, Seven for Switzerland (42), Elif (28) for Turkey, Sotiriya (34) for Greece and Juan of Spain Daniel is also there.

Whoever competes for Germany will keep the station with them until the show. But producer Stefan Raab assured: “Even this year, the following applies: There is a real legend in Germany. He looks incredibly good as well.”


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