Freedom | Scottish PM appeals to Boris Johnson for ‘cooperation’

  Freedom |  Scottish PM appeals to Boris Johnson for 'cooperation'

(Edinburgh) Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon on Monday called on the British government to show “cooperation” by authorizing a new referendum on her nation’s independence, which Boris Johnson strongly opposes.

In a closing speech at her party’s annual convention, the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon said that “their approach to government and politics would, as far as possible, be cooperation and not confrontation”.

“So it is in the spirit of cooperation that I hope the Scottish and British governments can come to an agreement – as we did in 2014 – to allow the democratic wishes of the Scottish people to be heard and respected,” she said. Said, referring to the previous consultation which was marked by a 55% victory of the camp in favor of keeping in the UK.

The popular Nicola Sturgeon wants to hold this new referendum until the end of 2023, first setting herself the goal of overcoming the crisis associated with the pandemic. His party won local elections in May and joined forces with the Greens, who also support the organization of a referendum.

But British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has the final word on authorizing this referendum, believes such a consultation can only happen “once per generation” and would be a source of division.

For meMe Sturgeon, Brexit was a game-changer, with Scots opposing it with 62% of the vote. On Monday, she called for Britain’s exit from the European Union with “increased costs for manufacturers”, “certain food shortages” and “labour shortages in many sectors” with “a combination of the pandemic and a deep hostility”. condemned the effect. immigration policy “.

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She wants Scotland to join the European Union as an independent state.

“It is not up to the Government of London to “decide our future without the consent of the people who live here,” he said. Will remain, but on a better basis: Scotland will be an equal partner. “.


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