From Feminism to Militant Ecology

From Feminism to Militant Ecology

If it didn’t go unnoticed when it released in theaters with us at the end of 2019, then “Late Night” under the guise of comedy is a rather provocative film. his subject? A confrontation between a TV star who is accused of trusting only white people and a young Indian-origin artist who is forced upon her when viewership for her show starts dwindling.

Emma Thompson played the star presenter, and Mindy Kaling, the Pebble in her shoes. The young woman is also a scriptwriter, inspired by her own experience. She was the first woman of color to write for the sitcom “The Office,” before actually becoming the heroine of her own series, “The Mindy Project.” Most of all, in the beginning, she was an apprentice in some “Late Night Show”. “Being the only woman and being in a minority, within a group of men, I experienced it. The fear of not being there I felt every day, I experienced it too. But in the film, the writer The Office much less welcoming to Molly than its screenwriters”, she wanted to reveal when the film was released.

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For Emma Thompson, the role is far from being as trivial as it may seem, and reflects her activism. Today at 63 years old, she has been a woman inspired by her beliefs since her youth! A 1977 graduate in English Literature at the University of Cambridge, she turned to acting after discovering the book “The Madwoman in the Attic”, which she wanted to put on the scene when it inspired her to support the cause of feminism. did. , “Feminism is a fundamental commitment of my life. I’m a militant feminist, it’s a duty to express myself. Since things are going on, things are vibrating, even though we’re just at the beginning of a revolution. Yes, I Said Revolution! Told the actress about “Liberation” at the exit of “Late Night”.

Her roles in popular ballads such as “Harry Potter” and “Nanny McPhee”, as well as her roles in more serious films (“Return to Howard’s End”, “Sense and Sense”) earned her an Oscar as an actress and a screenwriter) allows her to be an ambassador for women. But not only that! From her early days in the Cambridge University stand-up troupe (where she flirted with Hugh Laurie!), Emma also became involved in helping refugees – she later adopted a Rwandan teenager. “We gave many performances for charity for the benefit of Pinochet’s opponents,” she told Le Figaro.

She is also associated with Greenpeace. In 2014, the Green Group even sent him to the far north to condemn the melting ice. “For millions of people the only hope of turning back is to oppose the burning of fossil fuels, which contribute to increasing the greenhouse effect. Otherwise greed will prevail and those in the race to profit will win. Because our children And they are not interested in the future of our children”, she had then told “Cine-Tele-Review”.

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“Late Night”, July 11, 8:20 pm, front page.


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