From Outlander to The Taller: All About Graham McTwish

From Outlander to The Taller: All About Graham McTwish

Early 2020, The magician He was in the middle of filming his second season, but due to a lockdown due to coronavirus, he was forced to stop recording of any kind. So much so that, for over a year, Netflix stopped giving news about the story of Geralt, the wizard of Rivia (Henry Cavill).

However, in August of last year, they were able to return to the set, and from that point on, production of the second part did not slow down at all. This is why, as calculated by the streaming giant, the next season should arrive at the end of this 2021.

Henry Cavill in his role as Geralt of Rivia. Photo: (IMDB)

But the most surprising thing about this new version is that new characters will be added to the story. In addition to Henry Cavill, Anya Shalotra and Freya Allen, who are already confirmed, there is a new role that is to come The magician To change everything.

It is Graham McTavish, who will participate in this fantastic series with the role of Degestra along with Master Spy and the Head of Special Forces of Radania State. According to the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, on which the series is based, it is a new member of The magician He was a physically imposing man, but did not give the impression of a detective because he liked extraordinary costumes and bright colors.

Who is Graham McTwish?

Graham McTavish is a Scottish-origin actor who has played various roles in film and television. Born on 4 January in Glasgow, he gained international fame when Netflix included Outlander on his list, a series in which he played Shore Dougal McKenzie, a Jacobite climber from Scotland in 1947.

Graham McTwish left Scotland for The Witcher.  Photo: (IMDB)

Graham McTwish left Scotland for The Witcher. Photo: (IMDB)

Currently, the 60-year-old actor, in addition to being a part of The Witcher, is one of the pilots for Men in Kitts. Along with his former Outlander partner Sam Hugon, he travels to the best parts of Scotland to talk about his history and promote tourism in his country.

His portrayal of McKenzie not only brought him worldwide recognition, but it was one of his first roles as a series co-star. Despite having a full CV, he never spent more than 20 episodes in a single fiction, as happened here.

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