From: The former Pride of the Band of Brothers is the turn of (…)

From: The former Pride of the Band of Brothers is the turn of (...)

After Harold Perrineau, Former Pride lost, After being elected last week, is Eoin Bailey’s turn (Fress D’Arms, Ray Donovan, Once Upon a Time) To make its arrival in From, Epics’ contemporary sci-fi horror series.

In From, Prepared by screenwriter and executive producer John Griffin (next Pit Disney +), the secret of a nightmare city in Central America, will be removed from the secret that implicates all who enter. While residents, despite themselves, struggle to maintain normalcy and find a way out, they must also avoid threats from the surrounding fortress, including the terrifying creatures that emerge when the sun sets.

While David Kenian Webster brothers in Arms (band of Brothers In the original version) will be Jim Matthews, who, along with his wife, struggles after a personal tragedy and suddenly finds himself living in the city with his family; The perinue would be local Sheriff Boyd Stevens, who allowed this fragile city to remain united for its rigid rules (but he is also trying to escape).

From One is a co-production in collaboration with Epix Studios and MGM International Television Productions Midnight Radio, the production crew of Josh Appelbaum, Andr Nemec, Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg, but also with AGBO of Joe & Anthony Russo. Filming is scheduled to begin later this month in Halifax, Nova Scotia, for a 2022 premiere on Epix. The series will be distributed to the rest of the world by Netflix.

The TV series copyright Netflix and copyright holders are all rights reserved. The TV series, their characters and production photos are the property of Netflix and copyright holders.

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