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In front of his supporters, Donald Trump says he will not accept defeat

US President Donald Trump said on Wednesday 6 January that he would not accept the defeat of Democrat Joe Biden two weeks before his office. Donald Trump arrived at the mall about an hour late to speak to gather his supporters. And the president is not giving up. “We will never give up. We will never give up”, he said, launching once again during the ballot before announcing the big fraud. “Elections are more honest in the Third World”, he said before, calling on his supporters to march toward Congress where voters’ votes should be authenticated this Wednesday to congratulate elected Republicans, who will vote for election results. Will try to fight for. A maneuver, which cannot succeed, our correspondent says in Washington, Annie Corpet. Mike Pence refuses to oppose victory certification Donald Trump vehemently attacks the media as “the biggest problem we face”. , He guessed. He once again argued against the evidence that Vice President Mike Pence, who presides over the Senate, has the power to overturn ballots in a special session in Congress, and called Republican officials “weak” and “pathetic” . “. If the outgoing president said,” If Mike Pence does the right thing, we win the election. “” If he doesn’t, it will be a sad day for our country, “he said, adding that he would be his number two Skeptics’ attitude. Mike Pence nevertheless let it go. He would not oppose the certification of Biden’s presidential victory, hiding behind the “hurdles” of the Constitution. Officially filing the November 3 presidential results He filed his case in a letter published just before a special congressional session for. Republicans countered Biden’s victory in Arizona as Mike, in constitutionally. Pence is strictly protocol: it includes each of the 50 states. Includes “opening” the certificate sent by it to remit the votes of its grand voters. Only elected officials can contest. Donald Trump’s loyalists did not fail to do so immediately after the inauguration of the meeting. The House of Representatives An elected representative and a senator wrote their objections to the results in Arizona, and according to the rules of force , The MPs immediately retired to their respective chambers for two hours of debate. They will then vote with a simple majority. Objections have to be adopted on both forums, which gave a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and there is a chance of that happening. But the process could be repeated for other states where results were as tight as those of Pennsylvania or Georgia, which would delay the Democrats’ recording of victory. However, this will not stop him from taking the presidential-election oath on 20 January. On the verge of losing a majority in the Senate, Republicans from their own camp are starting to blame more and more elected officials, even presidents, who are locked in denial. Because the Republican Party is about to lose a majority in the Senate. After Tuesday’s senatorial elections in Georgia, Rafael Warnock won the church’s pastor, where Martin Luther King won, according to American media. He will be the first black senator from this southern state and the other Democratic candidate John Ossoff is in the lead, claiming victory. If confirmed, Joe Biden will get a majority in the Senate. She is already in the House of Representatives, so this is a “grand slam” for Democrats. And within the Republican Party, voices have begun to be heard criticizing Donald Trump’s attitude during the campaign. “Trump is 100% responsible for the party’s defeat in Georgia,” said the head of voting operations in the Republican state.

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