Futuristic villas, country mansions or upgraded barns… Incredible homes of celebrities

Futuristic villas, country mansions or upgraded barns... Incredible homes of celebrities
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s love nest in Miami. (May 26, 2021.) abkas

While they walk the red carpet, parade or preview every day, celebrities also have one (or more) homes where they can sleep and live their lives. Sometimes oversized, they always make you dream. guided tour.

Attractive homes of celebrities

Celebrities have breathtaking homes: futuristic villas for Alicia Keys, designer farms for Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis or even a ranch for Oprah Winfrey. Sometimes huge, like the mansion of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, or small like the country home of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, each home is unique. Back at the most dazzling of the stars’ homes in pictures.

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Some also have residences abroad, such as Amal and George Clooney, owners of a property on the banks of the Thames, in the green meadows of the English countryside, or even Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta- Jones with his villa in Bermuda. home sweet house…and too bad if celebrities sometimes only spend a few days a year together.

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