Gad Elmleh balances the TV host and the comedian, who “patted him on the back” after Copycom

Gad Elmleh balances the TV host and the comedian, who

On this Sunday, April 11, Gad will be the guest of Elmleh Jade and Eric Dussart We are remaking tv. A passage in Tv-rest A quote unveiled in the preview. The comedian kicked his friends out of the show business, who made an impact on him after Copycom’s affair.

The year 2019 was particularly important for Gad Elmleh.. The comedian found himself at the heart of a scandal when YouTube channel CopyComic accused him Robbed many of his foreign allies. The images suggested that he had borrowed some sketches Comedy stars like Jerry Seinfeld. The facts prior to Charlotte Cassiragi have always defended. “With a comedian friend, we counted about 14 or 15 English, Scottish Comedians Who can make the same observation. But we will not make a single valve. This observation does not belong to anyone. This is a starting point, then say what you want about it, He explained Nikos Aligas to Europe 1 in the morning Pet Many of his show business friends turned his back on him. Behavior that 49 year old comedian Denounced on Z and Eric Dussert’s program on RTL, Tv-rest A quote unveiled in the preview.

Gad Elmleh surprised by the behavior of some comedians

Without revealing the names of the people concerned, Gad Elmleh explained that several relatives had abandoned him due to the dispute. “I have people who have turned their backs on me… and beware, when everything has been settled, who have completely changed themselves and who have returned. I knew people who turned their backs, but people who do 360, It is a form of man that is rotten from inside to outside, He testified on RTL. Among related people? “Of Comedian, TV host and filmmaker “.

Fascinated by this behavior, Gad Elmleh says that some comedians threw stones at him on the television set, but then traced the success of his next show to the white paw, of which 140,000 tickets were reportedly sold out in just two days. “The same people, they write to me on Instagram in DM (note: private message): ‘Is there any way to do your first job?’“, Daddy Noah and Raphael protested. But this tragic incident has at least one positive point: it allowed her to solve it through her friends!

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