Gaia Weiss (meander): “It was important for me to say that I am French”

Gaia Weiss (meander):

Gaia Weiss has been playing “Mendre” since 26 May. But before that the French actress had the chance to tour internationally. She talks to us in an interview about her childhood, her debut in front of the camera and her experience abroad.

Gaia Weiss, Return of The french

Gaia Weiss Relatively little is still known in France. However, the actress has been touring in international projects for ten years now. Since 2013, he has. Participated in the production of Mary Queen of Scots By Thomas Imbach. Then, she crosses paths with Scott Eastwood and Ana de Armas Overdrive In 2017. For the series, it is gaining ground with Vikings And participates in seasons 2 and 3. But in the French cinema side, in addition to appearances Teacher 2 or When you think about it it’s a beautiful life, Gaia Weiss was lacking, as she points out Our Portrait Interview (in an article).

I realized that I had no identity. I was an international actress who speaks many languages, but is not recognized as a French actress.

Therefore he wished to return to France. First with the Netflix series The revolution, And with this time Erysipelas, An original genre film directed by Matthew Turi.

In the foreground Erysipelas

In Erysipelas, Gaia Weiss plays Lisa. Taken by a hitchhiker who turns out to be a killer, She wakes up locked in a huge tube With a strange bracelet hanging from the wrist. If he has to get out of this, he will have to move forward and avoid various dangers. As mentioned in the interview, Matthew Turi wanted to mix styles Erysipelas, Leaning towards something more spectacular and even science-fiction from a seemingly classic thriller. With such a concept, it was clearly not to be missed. The actress who is everywhere.

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Lisa (Gaia Weiss) – Meander © Alba Films

Gaia Weiss’s choice was not the first, but occasionally, Chance (a last-minute comeback here) does things well. The actress gave a very good performance and was able to use her late arrival on the project Credibility of his character.

I came on the project two weeks before filming started. I was interested in using this non-preparation because Lisa is a strong but genuine character so the idea was to come across her like a tube without preparation.

Hence an intense shooting but which would eventually have allowed Gaia Weiss to be in the foreground of the French production, hoping that others would follow quickly. Erysipelas To be searched by May 26, 2021 In the rooms.


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