Good Morning Britain’s ‘government boycott’ ends, Pierce Morgan to hand over Matt Hancock

Good Morning Britain's 'government boycott' ends, Pierce Morgan to hand over Matt Hancock

Pierce Morgan is preparing to give Health Secretary a grill on Good Morning Britain, as the presenter claims the government has ended a ‘boycott’ of the show.

The host of the controversial breakfast show announced this afternoon on Twitter that Matt Hancock will be present at Monday’s show.

“Downing Street just got a call. Good Morning Britain’s 2014 government boycott is over and Health Secretary Matt Hancock will be on the show tomorrow morning.”

The cabinet minister’s presentation will be the first time a government member has visited the ITV show since April.

Pierce had earlier accused the government of boycotting the show, accusing it of being “cowardly”.

GMB reporter Nick Dixon managed to catch the health secretary for a brief visit on Tuesday (November 10) as the minister was visiting the BBC studios in London.

Asked why members of the government would not show up on the show, Mr Hancock said he would come to the show “as soon as I can” – before telling reporters he was busy the next day and “had a lot of terrible work to do.” “.

Watching the encounter from the studio, Pierre told viewers that they were “the first words of Good Morning Britain from any government minister since mid-April.”

During the show the next day, Pierce spoke of the last time the health secretary appeared on the show, describing him as a “bossy school teacher.”

“It felt like unbearable, difficult questions were being asked like why are you ready for an epidemic,” Pierce said. “So that was the last time we saw him.”

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Matt Hancock last appeared on the show in April

When Scottish Prime Minister Nikola Sturgeon came to the show last month, he told Pierce that it was “very disgraceful” for government ministers to refuse to come to the TV show for breakfast during the coronavirus epidemic.

Mrs Sturgeon said: “Right now, communicating directly with people is a real public duty in favor of leaders.”

Pierce told him: “As a rule of thumb, whenever we ask you to be responsible for your decision, you go too far. We have not had a member of the UK government here for 148 days. “

He asked if it was “a delay in his duty to the electorate”, to which he replied: “I think it’s really very defamatory. I think especially at such times.”

Good Morning Britain airs on ITV at 6 p.m.


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