Gordon Rams has shared wonderful family news with photos of Hardick

Sharnaz Shahid

Gordon Ramsay Has shared his pride on the latest news from his eldest son Jack! The 20-year-old has joined the Royal Marines and made the celebrity chef a “proud father”.

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Taking to her Instagram page on Friday to share a series of heartbreaking photos with her son, the 53-year-old star commented: “I can’t tell you how proud this young Jack Ramsay is. You make me feel like a proud father today. અભ Congratulations on joining the Real Marines. What a wonderful achievement.” [sic]

In one of the photos, Gordon was posing with his eldest son, who was dressed in his new uniform for Smart.

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David Beckham, one of the commenters, wrote: “We love you Jack and we are proud of you [heart emoji] gordongram @tanaramsay. “ His son Romeo added: “You’re proud of Jack.”

Meanwhile, Jack’s older sister Mag shared more pics from that day. “Proud sister of the world, well done Lil Bro X,” he said in his caption.

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Gordon and his Wife TanaMarried since 1996, the parents have been giving parents five children ડો Dot – Megan, 22, twins Holly and Jack, 20, Matilda, 18, and little Oscar, one.

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Gordon will not be suspiciously emotional as he previously admitted to being “messed up” when his twins Jack and Holly left the family home for university back in 2018.


A photo shared by Gaurav Papa

Attending the Jonathan Ross show in the hall of his residence in his university hall, Dotting Dad said: “Tilly, Tana and I moved ourselves to Jack in the lodge last week. The man was hard. We left. We put him in his small room, to cook. So, the student left him some fetusin and pasta for food.

“Leave him there and I got in the car and I got into a mess. My best friend just left me. And the next day we put Holly in university. I was like, ‘Man this is hard!’ “What? I’ll do it when 16-year-old Tilly leaves the house too? I’ll cry.”

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