Graham McTavish pokes fun at the show and Sam Heughan

Graham McTavish pokes fun at the show and Sam Heughan


What was Graham McTavish a part of? foreigner His character wasn’t a part of it in the first three seasons, but for the next three, and now he’s laughing at the drama and his former partner? opinion!

Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish in Outlander©IMDBSam Heughan and Graham McTavish in Outlandernoelia rios

the sixth season of foreigner All his fans are in suspense. The series, based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, has returned after so much anticipation, launching its first episode on March 6, while others arrive once a week. Every Sunday they are published on Starz, on Monday they reach Movistar Plus in Spain and on Wednesdays on Stars Plus in Latin America, thus they are appreciated by thousands of fans around the world.

However, the fact that foreigner Featured story followers by sharing one chapter per week Sam Hughana And Caitriona Balfe is on hold. Well, even though Part Six only includes six episodes, not watching them all in a row keeps fans hooked to the plot. However, this also leads to another situation: continuing to promote the newly released version.

So much so, beyond the fact that the cast shares every progress in the story on their official social networks, the truth is that the production continues to choose to promote the series outside of it. And, among all the ads he has with foreigner There’s one with giant posters with the faces of Sam Heughan and Balfe on the streets of the United States or England, which clearly offended Graham McTavish.

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The Scottish actor was part of the Starz gang in early seasons, but his character was killed off by Jamie, Heughan, and a sequel to Dougal Mackenzie was made impossible. However, it should be noted that the artist made a great friendship with the hero of the legend, which brought him international fame and did not hesitate to make fun of him and his giant picture in the middle of the road.

, Is there no escape?McTavish wrote with a postcard that read for the poster foreigner Featuring Heughan and Balfe as Jamie and Claire. Without a doubt, a joke that all his fans celebrated as it refers to the fact that both the actors spend time together. It’s that after becoming great friends on the set of The Strip, they embarked on a new adventure together: men in kiltsThe series in which they travel to different heavens in certain countries.

For his part, Sam reacted ironically to his friend and colleague’s comment as he replied only with an emoticon that referred to “no, impossible.” Obviously, the friendship between the actors keeps getting better and better and of course, the teasing between them can’t stop because, truth be told, what is friendship without burdening each other?

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