“Gritney Spears” & Co – the best snow removal vehicles in Scotland

The internet shakes sometimes. An example of this: the Scottish grit tracker app. Because you’ve always wanted to know where your favorite grating vehicles are in real time, right? Well – take a closer look at the name of the vehicle.

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Oliver Baroni
Oliver Baroni


Well, if you think about it for a moment, a real-time gritter app actually makes sense: if you want to take a car trip in uncertain weather conditions (such as those that often occur in the Scottish winters). prevail), it’s nice to know if the road is walkable or not. Or it will be within a useful period – the app provides the distance covered with an «age limit».
Here go to app.

But the best part of it are the names of the trucks. Each snow clearing vehicle has its own. And – oh yes – is with words Endurance (select), Salt (Salt), Spread (scattering), ice (snow) And like fooled around, what keeps the stuff.

Dear users, here is a selection of the official names of Scottish grating vehicles:

  • diffuse mercury
  • i want to break the freeze
  • only for your snow
  • license to chill
  • Buzz IceClear
  • bear chills
  • Greater Thunberg
  • gritney spears
  • Greatest Hits
  • gritalica
  • Gangsta Granny Gritter
  • gritty gritty bang bang
  • Patience Expectations
  • Sir Grits-a-Lot
  • darth spreader
  • han sno-lo
  • luke snowwalker
  • Snowbegone Kenobic
  • snow disturbed
  • mary queen of salt
  • Oz. blizzard of
  • Hansel and Grit-All
  • ready spready go
  • spread sheeran

and of course

Meanwhile, a friend from the county of Yorkshire in the north of England approached him – they say a gritter Gritsy Bitsy Tiny Weeny Yellow Anti-Slip Machined. Good Also. And not surprising for a country that has almost its latest research vessel from the Natural Environment Research Council bowtie macbotface would have called.

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bonus: Names are also given to snow removal vehicles in the US state of Washington. The latest snow plow in the fleet is called… The Big Leplowski.

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